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Vape Mail 2017!


$2 noisy cricket + $4 shipping ???
Should I pull the trigger??


is cheap just make sure u know what u are doing


Do it do it do it!


If you know how to handle a series hybrid mech mod then yes. If not, maybe spend a couple hours researching and then decide.


Oh ya, I was hoping I could put my tasting notes on your thread. If you don’t want to muck it up, I understand.


Please do! It’s not really my thread, it’s everyone’s. I just started it cuz we didn’t have one yet. The more opinions the better. :smiley:


Hammer of God clone
Aromamizer Titan 41mm


Holy shit ballz…


Holy Girth Batm… Ermm, HEY @TheTinMan1! LOOKIE! :laughing:

Ohhhh Puuuugs (@Steampugs)


Party!!! It’s a kegger!


Recieved today an ounce each of Perique, Latakia, and Toasted Black Cavendish from

Now I need to travel about 60 miles each way to get some Everclear 190, Dipping my toes into NETS.


You must live in the middle of nowhere.


West Virginia doesn’t allow the 190 proof, have to drive to Kentucky


28ml juice capacity!!
I concur VM. Holy Shitballz


Ya know… Sooner or later, someone’s going to come up with a submersible Atomizer, where you just remove the top of your 15/30/60ml eliquid bottle, and screw the atty on (down inside) the top, and vape. /smh&laughing


Looks like a bubble gum dispenser! Awesome.



Nice light-sabre! Telescope? Clarinet with no holes!?!

Seriously though… Very sleek! :thumbsup:
(Bottom fire?)


lol, Yup, spring bottom switch. Hcigar nemesis clone. Sleek is a good word with the matching Tsunami on there. Thanks BTW. Pretty nice little vape.


and now for the magnets…