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Vape Mail 2017!


It has arrived. I already have recipes ready.:grin::grin::grin:


i would love to know how well that works , for me koolada is a menthol flavor one drop up to 1 pct , i get No cooling effect so ive been waiting to hear how thw WS23


Thank you @Whiterose0818 all arrived safely - not sure what your bubble wrap budget is mate but thanks for the extra care.


@woftam I don’t think @Whiterose0818 knows any other way.


Couldn’t wait to mix a new recipe so I pulled 10ml of a Caramel Frapp I have steeping and put 2 drops of WS/23 30% in it. Cooling effect achieved. It did not change the flavor, but the cooling changed the perception of the recipe entirely. Definitely made it better so far. Much more cooling on the inhale. After vaping when I inhale through my nose I can still feel the cooling on the back of my throat. Liking it so far.:+1:t2:


awesome that this came up since i am waiting on ws 23 to arrive. I decided to give it a go since they were out of koolada for my fav that i may hit 1x a day to clean me out. I recently tried a gummy bear mix and used a tad. 2 drops in 10ml being 4 drops=.10g=1% in 10ml, so ill try .5% initially. I hope to get it this week to fiddle.


The old and the new. A Drop and a Siren. Both doing a fine job.


That mod on the left looks nice. Is that the sxk mini?


Have you given Polar Blast(FA) a try? I tried Koolada and didn’t really care for the taste, but Polar Blast gave me the “cool” sensation I was looking for without any added flavor. Not exactly at WS-23 levels(haven’t tried; only heard) but still a decent product IMO.


Yup, That’s an old SX Mini ML class.


i have not , i assumed it may be a koolada named pilar blast lol , i may be wrong though , thanks for the heads up


I use koolada for the wife’s vape always gave me a cooling effect, I use it in Strawberry Breeze


i wish it worked that way for me !!! i like to make a lot of shake and ice cream ( creamy vapes ) and i think they would be a lot more interesting with a cool feel


Definitely, shame that doesn’t work for you.


I’m looking at getting a MTL tank, is the draw on that siren similar to a clearomiser?


ya we win some we lose some :frowning: lol , maybe this WS23 will ill buy a small bottle


thank you for the quick response this has me intrigued


I’ve never really been into mechanical mods that much. Certainly not tube mods. But here I am just the same rocking a couple that I find to be awesome vapes.

The first is the original Noisy Cricket, series mech mod. Word of warning - this is NOT a toy. If you don’t know Ohm’s Law and how to apply it to your builds, learn it or just don’t play with any mech.

I have the upgrade kit from Fat Daddy Vapes including the upgraded jumper bar. This not only makes it a much more solid vape with vastly improved connections, but is safer as it eliminates the hybrid 510. Attached is a Freak Show V2, 22mm RDA. I can’t say enough good things about this set up.

This next one is a Bane Sith Edition clone from Fasttech. Here’s where my limited experience will shine like a beacon on a hill with you old timer mech users. I love this thing and think it hits great and it’s plenty hefty so it feels good in the hand. You’d have a hard time convincing me that old adage of you get what you pay for applies here. Yeah, the button is a little rattly, but it doesn’t fail. For my tastes it’s outstanding for something under $20!


Wow, sorry dude, don’t own a clearomiser. It does have a pretty good range of draw from a little looser than the old nautilus 1 to a restricted lung hit.


Perfect, I own a Nautilus 2 mini, it sounds like it will be a similar draw. Cheers! :+1: