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Vape Mail 2017!


Yes! That I can confirm. You can get that draw and even looser if you like.


That’s what I wanted when I got the Koolada. I’ve got a Raspberry Sorbet recipe that I’ve been working on, and Koolada just ruined the flavor. The Polar Blast gave me the cooling sensation that I’d been trying to get. Definitely worth a tester, at least!


Oh, and as a side note, it’s super easy to build on. Almost like an RDA. Darn near just “plop” some cotton in the thing and go.


That’s good to know, I love simple decks, Cheers.

I have a few in my sights, one of them is the new Ares from Pbusardo the other 2 are the Siren and the Berserker.


When I get in straw milkshake rf sc I’ll do a single flavor with polar blast if you want. Just let me know.


that would be great , do you find a big difference between koolada and polar blast


That Bane Sith edition is a beauty ! Very nice :wink:


@fidalgo_vapes lol! All the way from the UK! Extremely fast shipping coming over the pond! I can’t wait to play with these WS powders! I’ve heard that ws5 is actually “colder” than ws23. We shall see! These are powders to make my own dilution!


wow ill be interested to hear your experiance with them the cooling effect ones at least


Some, yeah…there is less or almost none of the odd greenish’tang note. But I have only used it twice in 3 months. Lol.


Everyone’s happy when the wizard walks by…


That’s a slick mod!


That looks freaking sweet! You could cast all kinds of spells with that! Is that a smpl mod?


Lol, no doubt. Love the song too. It’s a Geek Vape Black Ring with a Fumytech Crystal Ball on top. A different kinda matchy/matchy.


Very nice!


@juice_junkie_lover Thanks! Great conversation piece.


lol, if u like balls between your lips, i just saw this…


Lol, Sweet! Love the copper one.


Got my Modfather RDA a couple of days ago and it fit perfectly on top of my Maxo Zenith. Only problem is the Zenith took a dive on me the day before :frowning_face:

I have the new Daedalus arriving today though so I will have something to play with. :grinning:


Well if you need anything let me know, I still need to get you a wedding gift!