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Vape Mail 2017!


Just for those new to the forum!


Don’t go starting that crap again.
Take your meds :crazy_face:


I ran out, and they won’t give me anymore because they say I need to go to a “facility”!


Finally got my 1000 gram scale! Yes it measures to the hundred place! Makes the big batches so much easier!


Finally got those VT6s in the mail.:grin::grin::grin:


All new flaves except two so 17 out of 19 , i need them like i need a hole in my head


BUTTERRRR!! :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:


yes maam , and double apple both your suggestions :wink:


Yummm so good. Have fun with those!


the double apple is going into a V2 of a mix that need apple help the butter os goi g in everything lmao


For damn sure dude!


There is a drone in my mailbox and I am stuck at work for another five hours. This is when a day gets long.


whats you address ill grab that for you :slight_smile:


Lol, were it just you on this forum I would race you for it but as we all know there a few psychos on this forum that just don’t need to know folks addresses.


Thanks @Doris_2Fdeal for the fast shipping and great products! These are beautiful Entheon clones! I can’t wait to find time to build on them!


The best kind of vape mail - Thanks @Norseman. DHL you suck for making me stress it was lost.

The Spanner by Vape Mechanic in Russia what a fantastic bit of kit.


Was supposed to have vape mail today…a VT Inbox…but the mail man was too lazy to get out of the van to take the package to the door that’s 50 feet away from the mailbox that is on the street. Literally watched the punk pull up around 1:00PM and put the mail (less my vape mail) in the mail box and drive off. Went to the post office before they closed and he wasn’t back from his runs yet so I couldn’t get it.

And oh yeah, obviously never left a notice and this isn’t the first time he’s done this. The supervisor at the post office is getting a phone call in morning regardless if I get the package or not…


I would say something too. I have had stuff like this happen more than once, After a few times they know you are a tracker and are waiting for stuff, after a few complaints the packages come before the mail now.


I have to say, NOW that I’ve SMELLED da butter, I KNOW what you mean/meant now. Can’t wait to mix with it.


Too lazy to take a Picture but a couple new flavors came today, most notably LB Vanilla Ice cream. My wife told me I should get it quite a while ago and I said “why would I want anything other than Cap Vanilla bean ice cream?” I did some reading here and everyone seems to love it so we got it. I really need to start listening to her! It’s definitely an awesome flavor and as authentic tasting as everyone says! I’m actually mulling over an idea to incorporate it in a mix with FE sweet rice.