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Vape Mail 2017!


You mean FE tortilla :thinking: lmao


Glad it finally got there :+1: despite DHL’s poor logistics :angry: . Sucks to pay for a tracker on a package and that tracker never works at all.


It has arrived! One hefty hunk of steamin funk! Ain’t pretty but it’s puttin out a perfect TC vape right out of the box. Even ships with the new squonk bottle used with the Therion that can be filled in the mod.


What mod is that?


That is the Lost Vape DNA 167 Drone bottom feed. Capable of inducing multiple orgasms. I put a Goon on it and thought I was going to pass out.


I need that in my life.


LOL! I don’t get many rice notes from that flavor either especially after having hiliq rice. Hiliq ruined it for the FE flavor for sure. I get a weird taste from it but tortilla sounds about right!


It starts out as a nice flavor kind of a rice with sweet cream but as she steeps things go south fast. That grainy rice note cooks itself and the creamyness fades and you end up with this

Granted i tested at 1% and i do find FE flavors are generally better at 0.25-0.75% so perhaps further testing is required in a very small ( 5ml? Lol)bottle


How fast? I have some at 2% that’s been steeping almost 2 weeks and all I taste is a real “sticky” sweet rice.


Odd. I’ve mixed fe sweet rice with strawberry and another one and steeped 4-6 weeks without a problem.


Hello, @fidalgo_vapes I dropped my mod with my cleito tank attached. The mod still works fine but the clieto doesn’t work. I changed the coils a couple times and my mod continuously says “No atomizer” The glass didn’t break. It still looks perfectly new. Do have any idea what the problem could be.?


About the 4week mark, fast was me exaggerating


This was strictly results of a single flavor test. I still have the tester. My experience was that it turned into a tortilla, even went back again to tasteand yup still tortilla shell


Sounds like something @Bob_Bitchen would use.


Smell like a fajita (sans toppings)
1% FE sweet rice mixed July10th


disasemble and check your pin on the bottom mambe stuck in the in position should be sticking out alittle


@mixologist13 I’ve never used the FE Sweet Rice, but bought it just for @Leilani 's recipe. Steeping now…


if thats ok check your pin on your mod push down on it should bounce back do that a couple times sometimes that sticks


omg… :flushed:


i have no clue im sorry , you said you changes the coils ?? have you cleaned it out well ??