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Vape Mail 2017!


Check to make sure your center pin on your cleito didn’t get jarred inward, also check the 510 on your device and make sure the female adjustable pin didn’t get nailed inward sounds like it’s just not making connection


It’s ok Leilani…many of us bought sweet rice fe because of you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I pushed the pin out but it wont stay in the right position. I think i destroted it. Hopefully ill find another via the blackfriday sales.


@robin these are great recommendations im not that great on the technical side of things , but this makes sense


Hi Robin,

ADK is right, i also rep the Cleito and had the same problem, when you put it your coil and turn it till its stuck your 510 pin should be lower and sticking out a tiny bit. Since you already tested different coils i cannot think of any other reason.

Also check your mod 510 spring action as it might be lowered aswell due to the drop maybe test it on another tank for example.


Got some new toys.


nice those battlestars kick i bet , also how do you like the tobeco tank ???


let you know tomorrow gonna fire it up with charged bats and have a go on it.


…Chrispdx…ACK! I hope you like it. Please give me constructive criticism. I can take it! I’m a big girl! :triumph:


The pin on the bottom of the tank is stuck in. I removed it and manually pulled the pin out a little but when i put it back on my mod, the pin goes back in. This shit is so frustrating. I absolutely love this tank.Hopefully, i can find another one during this black friday sale, I think ill get a couple.


I love my Battlestar!! :smiley:


Did you check the spring action on the positive pin of your mod’s 510 like the folks mentioned? I just looked over my Clieto and the construction of the positive pin is pretty simple. Its a solid pin held in by an insulator. I highly doubt you applied enough force to compress the pin. Now if the pin wabbels loosely from side to side in the insulator then ya the insulator has been compromised. I’m betting the travel in the mods pin has been altered.


Stitch chilling in the background was the first thing I noticed. What’s the story with that lol


I also noticed Stitch first! :joy:


I’m kinda relieved I wasn’t the only one!


its actually a terrible pen from last Christmas that i picked up on a family vacation. my mom decide that i had to have something, i didn’t want a t shirt or so stupid expensive thing so i got a awesome stitch pen!!


the cleito tanks are very reasonably priced at all times , you wont have a problem finding one at all id suggest buying a couple , and have you tried the RTA for it yet ? it is a great RTA compared to most imo , if you do get the RTA make sure to grab one of the 5ml glass bubbles for it , another great older tank is the original crown


tobeco has great flavor, but i got the smaller one cause zombie paint job,and it gets hot way too quick the tf12 smok after the coil got broken in is surprisingly good.


Took advantage of the BF sales to grab this 50ml short fill of my favorite, £18 incl p&p.


I would be inclined to say that when you dropped your mod, it fell squarely onto the drip tip. Which caused the mod to force the 510 into your atty. and in turn, broke the positive pole on your deck. That would also explain why your 510 goes back to the same position after you pull it out a bit. I’ve done the exact same thing before, that’s how I know. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anyway to fix it and ended up replacing the atty.