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Vape Mail 2017!


I like them on rare occasions sucker punch was my first, cause the name.


I was checking my emails before sitting down to mix and Awww yeah, Ordered Friday morning at 1am. Already at the door.

White Chocolate Peppermint to start with fo sho.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


Wow @BullCityFlavors! That’s impressive!


Got me some OOO cream (Milky Undertone) flavor and they sent me a free sample of OOO Rice Milk! Wow thank you One on One!!! I’m definitely ordering from them again!!


at least the cream right ?! thats the one flavor i order from them lol


This is the first time im trying the cream or actually anything from OOO. I cant wait to try it! I’ve heard its a great flavor


All we gotta do now, is convince them to carry the devil flavor !!! aka FA BUTTER !!!


Only one more order to get here.:+1:t2::+1:t2: I need a day off to play with all these.


Milk and Honey is good stuff!


Got my Boreas, Billow 2.5 and Herakles tanks today. Damn, Eciggity ships fast!


is eciggity 10ofg or is there a different code or is it over


i could never get that to taste right as the main
flave in a recipe but as a SF and a supporting flave its very good


I have a few ideas. Mostly with cereals right now.


I imagine the bf2017 code is dead, but try it and see. if so, the TENOFF should be good for 10%


You will love that nic vape pie crust and those purilum flavors :crazy_face:


Just got the Vaptio N1 Pro Kit today, and man, saying this thing is beautiful somehow seems like an understatement. I hope some people took advantage of Vaptio’s Black Friday Deals (Vaptio Move 240W Mod was as low as $30) because they had some awesome sale prices. Have to spend some quality time with it now! The tank is a gorgeous beast as well, somehow the pictures just don’t do it justice. A big thank you to @Vaptio_official for such an awesome prize, I appreciate the heck out of it!


Wow!! That was super fast! I still haven’t gotten mine from efun yet :(( its been a really long wait!! Cpl months I think. Ugggh


I have been needing a pie crust note in a few recipes I am working. I haven’t found what I need with a few flavor combos I have tried so I got this to try.


It’s really good. It almost like a glazed donut.