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Vape Mail 2017!


Thank you @andycolins! I got my Digiflavor Siren 2, 22mm version MTL tank today!! Wow this is fantastic! The flavor is outstanding as I’m vaping @Grubby adv Mothers Milk. I’m loving it and it was super easy for me!!


Nice looking setup, good win.


@fidalgo_vapes I’m loving my Smoants !!!


its has a great feel to it , i really thought it would be bulkier , im glad its not , its actually not much bigger than the aliens which are perfect size imo


Must be referring to the battlestar? Or the charion in the pic? Love that device. Sooo damn close to being exactly, identical to the reuleaux 2/3 it’s crazy. I prefer the battlestar battery door but wismec has a killer chipset with very reactive firing time


You should try putting arctic fox on that thing. They hobbled it with the factory firmware.


I’m gonna have to do that! A lot better than the factory firmware?


Yes! I run it on my rx300


Get it here!
It’s almost on par with a dna mod.


Nice I’m MF stoked!


Thanks brother! :ok_hand:t2:


It can be a bit confusing on the setup so if you need help let me know or YouTube it.


Will do, most likely just hit u up since u can answer any questions directly


yes the charon in the pic is a lot smaller than i thought which im happy about


Got my goodies from ECX and Nicotine River. The billow, boreas and herakles tanks came in a few days ago as did the battlestar mod. The big shiny thing is a pasta maker that I bought on ebay and does a great job of flattening coil wire. So much easier than using pliers or a hammer.

Oh yeah…also got a huge box of dog cookies. Not for vaping of course. Although…


WOW! I was just thinking about this too, thought u would need a more powerful one. I looked it up and sure enuff, thks man for the idea!


This is the one I bought. I’m sure there are better ones, but it seems to be doing OK on day one.


Thks, just seemed almost twilight zone-ish, was reading on the advatages and then u posted. I looked it up w/ video on twisted messes using one.


I’m psychotic…err…I mean psychic…


Just the way I like it!