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Vape Mail 2017!


Did u get the type #2? I’m going to order one


Can’t wait to see the wife’s face when I run a couple feet of SS through it instead of pasta dough :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes type 2. You only need the solid rollers. It isn’t the best quality, but I bought it to try it out and I’ll upgrade when this one wears out. Bet I can find a good one at a thrift store.


:thinking: a xmas gift for a cook i know w/ the reservation to use it once a month…reminds me of Seinfeld episode, Elaine using Kramer’s meat slicer to even out her heels


can you just keep one pic up jeez , i always think your a new person lmao :wink:


I knew it was @Cutlass92 but only becuz I keep a pic on my nightstand…and in my bathroom…and in my wallet…and next to the tv…and the background on my phone…and the wallpaper on my laptop…and the wallpaper in mixing room


Aww, I knew someone loved me!


I can think of several people on this forum that change their profile pick about once a week, I just wanted to show off my beard that I had to shave off last night.


That beard was coming along nicely, that’s a shame brother! :anguished:


It’ll be back in a week… :joy:


Does that include the unibrow? :rofl:


I am rocking the copper one, sweet mod and fires very fast ! You will love it , enjoy it ! :metal:


It may! I can’t help it if I make two things become one!


No unibrow, but he is getting some nice wild old man brows going. :joy:


Dude I just found out we didn’t have to shave for today!


Now I’m considering the charion in black. I have the battlestar and love it.


That’s a huge bummer! I don’t think I could shave my whole beard off if I was forced to lol


This one i rep atm, switching between Aspire Cleito & Smoke TFV8 baby for work.


Well when you sign your life away to the army you don’t get much of an option!


You know you’re getting there when your brows grow faster than the hair on your head. Welcome to the “club” Cutlass.