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Vape Mail 2017!


That’s very true lol figured there must’ve been a good reason!


yeah in def gonna be ordering one soon-ish lol


Sure have a pretty mouth big boy!:smiley:


I try! Wait what are you trying to say!?


I have ordered and received 17 bottles of different juices juice so far ( only liked 3 or 4) and a few packs of coils. Oh and one larger baby beast tank , to bring my tank collection to 6 .


Woot woot BF sales booty is starting to arrive.

I have to say the vboy appears to be a great little mod nearly all the features of the yihi g class without the price tag and i think it fits in the hand a little nicer than the g class (not that the g class is bad)


the battlestar and aegis are on my list


I really like the aegis - that one is for a customer but i have had one for about a week now and it is a great little mod. I have not tried the battlestar yet.


Im jelly. I too ordered the vboy and the Eclipse on black friday. Still waiting on mine :frowning: Have you tried TC on the Vboy yet?


Yes TC is exactly the same as the g class - very good. I find the whole interface a little easier to navigate than the g class (that said there are pretty much the same options). I really like it so far after not quite a day of use.


Nice stuff :wink::metal:


My Nic River came today! Awesome day!


nice mine hasnt even been pulled


Neither has mine. Working on my patience… :laughing:


Patience is a virtue !!
Altough i dunno howmuch patience the taste sence can have :yum:


VapeyMama and @fidalgo the tracking said it was supposed to be here yesterday. It came a day late. Has Nic River sent a tracking number yet? They must of been swamped with orders! Still frustrating seeing everyone else get theirs tho :frowning:


Nice mine I haven’t order them yet :laughing:


Nope no tracking into yet. I’m sure they’re swamped as hell, I’m definitely not holding it against them.


They sent me an email yesterday. Asking if I got my order yet and to contact them within 24 hrs if it still didn’t come. Maybe there some trouble with the shipping possibly too


I checked the website and my order still says unfulfilled. But i placed mine on cyber monday (night) so I’m sure mine is going to be one of the last of the bunch from that weekend.