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Vape Mail 2017!


Oh muh baby I’ve missed you. So many countless nights wishing you were here, and now I have you. Yay!


I need to find somewhere that sells it by the gallon…!
Side note… Have you tried their RY1? I just ordered some out of curiosity (and because RY4 was out of stock :cry: ) but I’m looking forward to trying it!


They must be like little elves working away, to fulfill all those orders! I put mine in late Friday.


What is RY4 ?, I keep seeing it referenced/mentioned.


I use RY1 quite a bit. I like it the best out of all the RY blends. It’s the least sweet, of the RY family.


im all of VCv1 so i used RFSC VC for the apple custard pie V2 now with cap double apple :wink: but ya over a week is pushing it , i emailed them to see if there was something out of stock but nope they r just behind :frowning:


ya mines unfulfilled as well , it has to be shipped shipping can go wrong lol


Sweet Caramel and Vanilla Tobacco, its more dessert like than anything. Damn it’s heavenly. @VapeyMama I haven’t tried the RY1 but I’m sure it’s good. I like their Desert Ship as well.


Ooh I’ve wanted to try Ry5 (I think) also called Golden Blend, I think that’s what it’s called.


Omg… so not the same! Lmfao (just messin…kinda… :joy: )



And now I want to try that too! :yum:


NIce. I hate waiting on the mail.


My Ecigexpress Black Friday order is still floating around in the mail space. It left the USPS spot it has come direct to my house from in the past 4 days in a row at 9:43am only to get delayed and shipped to another USPS facility just as far away.:thinking: it is still on its way to the destination. Yeah, no sh!t, it always was as soon as it left Ecigexpress. Lol Maybe by Saturday.


your telling me :frowning:


So glad u got some! I was literally going to send u the rest of mine after I made a big batch of the ADK RY4 since u were the one who told me to try it. Superb stuff!


Yeah, knowing u it’ll be a smart move to get the gallon lmao. Goes perfectly in the ADKRY4


Exactly. I’ve been trying to ration what I have (had) left…:cry:
I need more! Lol


It pains me to buy it in 30ml. I never buy a flavor I love in small increments like that lol


Like I said, a gallon should do! (For a little while… :laughing: )
I can’t stop vaping your adk ry4!

Ok that’s not true, I did stop vaping it cuz I ran out. Lmao! But that’s the only reason… :joy:


How is this one compared to the TFA Ry4?