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Vape Mail 2017!


Jazzy, it’s not quite like RY4 Double, because RY Dubs relies on flavor to mimic a tobacco taste, it comes off as dry, and I think the amount of Cyclotene in it comes off a little astringent, at least if I use it too much or too often. The HS Ry4 actually uses extracted tobacco (their claim) and it sure enough tastes like sweet tobacco leaves, dark caramel (very light) and a clean vanilla (not french, fruity, or dark). I never thought I would like actual tobacco flavors as I really didn’t ever enjoy smoking, and still don’t care for pipe, grassy, ashy, or overly dry tobacco. I don’t like a combustion taste either. It’s quite dessert-y and sweet, and works really well with sweet or nut flavors, vanilla, cream, ice-cream, you name it.


Cool, I didn’t know that!


Oh awesome! This sounds like something id love to try out! I have the TFA and it doesn’t seem to work for me, but this def sounds more in my wheelhouse! Thanks for the great description!


Fo Shizzle…


Last Black Friday order finally arrived. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Not Ecigexpress fault for taking forever.


Last flavour order for the year…

Got these weirdly dark flavours free… :confused:


Look like arse water :confused:


It looks great in the bin… :rofl:


Hey, anyone have a recent order from fasttech that has the Chinese address?
I have to send usps some info cause it appears my order went missing in customs a week ago. Scheduled delivery date just vanished.


Get ready for a customs bill!


On 40 dollars?


Stranger things have happened.


I actually get things faster from Hawaii then customs in the same state. :confused:


Hawaii is the same country, so no customs. Stuff from other countries goes through customs, donthey check every package no but they could if they wanted.


They need to inspect what China calls metal tube. Lol.


It magically just showed up on usps anyhow. I guess signing up for notifications does work.


Well, at the very least, consider them highly unreliable until they hit the first USA point of contact, and even then, still allow a couple days leeway (from said initial point of contact). :wink:


Got the Avidartisan Daedalus Pro from 3FVape a week or so ago.

I did not use it at first as parts were missing from the box and thought I might have to return it but 3FVape have
promised to send out the missing parts, so thanks to them for that @Gina1

I have done simple claptons and fussed claptons by hand before but could never get a decent staggered fused clapton until I got the Daedalus Pro.

27 316L/32 ni80 x2 + 32 ni80

Very happy with how my first try with this machine has gone.


That is a sexy coil!


You copy and pasted that didn’t you… :wink: :joy: