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Vape Mail 2017!


It really was luck that I saw it and made the connection. But like you, I was struggling to fill the damn thing. Enjoy! Makes filling a breeze.


That’s from the baby shower right? Your new baby will love that new toy!


LOL everyone is stealing my pens! haha


Got my two orders in!

First, from diy-ejuice.com (British Columbia, Canada)
1 of : Apple Candy by TFA / TPA - 120 ML
1 of : Bavarian Cream by Loranns - 30 ML
1 of : Bilberry Flavor by Flavour Art - 10 ML
1 of : Cantaloupe Flavor by Capella’s - 60 ML
1 of : Cheesecake by Loranns - 60 ML
1 of : Cream Cheese Icing by Loranns - 60 ML
1 of : Cucumber Flavor by Flavour Art - 60 ML
1 of : Dragon Fruit Flavor by Capella’s - 60 ML
1 of : New York Cheesecake by Capella’s - 120 ML
1 of : Razzleberry Flavor by FlavorWest - 60 ML
1 of : Sour 20% by TFA / TPA - 10 ML

Next, from Dashvapes.com (Ontario, Canada - my local vape shop, too!)
(1) Vanilla Custard Flavor (TFA) (30mL)
(1) Meringue (FA) (30mL)
(1) Vanilla Cupcake (TFA) (30mL)
(1) Vegetable Glycerin USP (1000mL)
(1) Sweet and Tart Flavor (TFA) (30mL)
(1) Vienna Cream (FA) (30mL)
(1) Marshmallow (FA) (30mL)
(1) Sugar Cookie (CAP) (30mL)
(1) Fresh cream (FA) (30mL)
(1) Propylene Glycol USP (200mL)
(1) Vanilla Swirl Flavor (TFA) (30mL)
(1) French Vanilla Flavor (TFA) (30mL)
(1) Banana Cream Flavor (TFA) (30mL)
(1) Strawberry Flavor (TFA) (60mL)
(1) V2 Vanilla Custard (CAP) (60mL)

Mostly replenishment this month. Next month… well, let’s just say that I’m making good use of the shopping list on the recipe side of the site!


Black K5 finally came in! Expected it this past Monday, but there was a screw up with USPS in Nashville. The same thing happened with my last package, that time it was USPS in Memphis that screwed up. It’s starting to feel that China mail is more reliable.
Anyway, ordered this from 3fvape 1/29 during their holiday. Since it wasn’t one of their ‘ships in 24 hours’ item, there was an extra delay but was finally shipped on 2/15.

Took it apart to check it out after reading about wvsanta’s black K5 problems. This one is good like the SMJY version. The machining is good, threads are nice and smooth, clean, and shiney. After a quick clean and lubed the o-rings, I filled it up with some HoneyDEWWEY Milk Tea: A Boba REMIX by [ENYAWREKLAW] that I mixed up earlier today. Giving the juice and this tank a :+1: .


Glad yours was better than mine. I guess I will have to go order a couple of these now that I know they are better quality.

Thanks for posting this.


Looks like parts of a small engine. Holy moly


I take there is some assembly required?


Lets see what all this is about then…review to follow :blush:


Fashion, ingenuity for your life…

Gotta love these catch phrases…


seriously, I pissed myself when I read it lol…not like I’m gonna wear the fucking thing …


Dafuq is it?


Vape extractor fan… lol

no really…


I wonder how well it handles farts… This must be tested, for science.



Hey, Ole friends
I have not been around a lot lately, but I’ve still thought about Y’all!
Here are a

few of my latest Vape Stuff,


not sure on the protocol for cleaning the filters out yet…not sure I really wanna be cleaning out my own trouser cough residue…

(I’m lying…of course I’m absolutely gonna do that)


WTF!! 45 years on this planet and that is the first time ive heard that. I cant wait for the wife to get home so she can learn this term too. The plan goes like this:

  1. I fart on her seat cushion moments before she gets home.
  2. She sits and it wafts out.
  3. She asks, “WTF is that, d00d?”
  4. I reply, “The remnants of my trouser cough, my love.”.

After she finishes swinging at me we laugh our ass off, carefully.

Thank you for this magical moment, Pugs!


you sir…are immensely welcome, I am glad I have provided you and your lovely lady friend that special pungent moment to remember :wink: lol


SS and Black EhPro Billow V3 Plus arrived today from Eciggity :+1: Thanks to @mstokens and @robin for the heads up on the sale! :punch:


Yep, Busardo did a review on it…only works if you blow directly into it.