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Vape Mail 2017!


These things suck out the fart from the truck but the real meaty part of the fart is buried forever in the seat


what is this sale you refer to? I need a couple more billow v3+


It was posted last week on the Good Deals 2017 thread. Unfortunately I believe it ended.


oh man, i would have probably bought 4 or 5 of those and a couple other things from my wish list. guess I need to start following that thread


You should for sure. The gang here is always on top of it. :+1: Besides some random emails I get from vendors, that thread is my best update.


You might have to actually wear it in the pants for that. Might come in handy if you’re ever in a zero gravity situation and need to get from point A to point B.


Hard to understand how big this thing is until you open it up

Next to a Griffin 25

Almost as tall as my mod


What on the earth is it?! Looks like it’s got a 50ml juice capacity :joy::laughing:


I’ve only used the 10ml so far but the tank itself kicks ass!


So vape mail for me arrived.

I have 100 more 30 ml on the way.


So I have been saying eVic is not been a goid brand at least for my experience at the moment. Well here is my latest mod:

It is the eVic VTC Dual. It is a heavy little powerhouse. I am actually impressed with it. I like the features on it. It is really a nice device.


Here is the size comparison:

Compared to the RX 200 S and the Cloupor Mini plus.


Aromamizer Plus. With the glass on it in those pics it will hold 20ml. Has a 5ml and 10ml kits to go with it. Damn thing is huge.


i need it let us know then i can sit in my LR on the couch and vape instead of standing at the slider


I’ve been testing it since I got it, it works to a degree, if you don’t expect to put it in the corner of the room and keep the air clear it’s good, if you have it near you and blow at it, or have it on your desk or whatever it makes a huge difference, it’s noisy when it turns up though…I’ll have to review done over the next few days :wink:


its funny bc i was just saying to my mom and my girl that soon they would come out with something like that just like they had for ciggarette smoke lol


apparently it works for both…not that we need that anymore :wink:


i never thought i would be one of those people who get bothered by the smell of ciggs but damn that shit stinks i hate the casino now because i wreak when i get out lol and the smokers look at me and shake their heads because im blowing clouds that cover the screens


If I’m in my bedroom upstairs with the window open I can smell if someone walks past with a cig…or a spliff…although I like that smell lol…but cigs…repulsive, I can’t believe I used to smell like that…


So some vape and hobby mail came in.

Tactical Pen
Fidget Spinner (with glow in dark bracelet.)
Tactical Flashlight
Punisher Cufflinks ( for another project)
Mini Punisher pry bar
Ferro Rod and striker
The device on left homemade fidget spinner
Then Awien coils.