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Vape Mail 2017!


This thing is pretty rediculous. A 30ml bottle beside it.

In case you are wondering, it’s not very pocket friendly.


Holy carp, it’s the GODZIRRA OF DEVICES!!! RUNNNNNNN!!!


WHAT! From the looks of it it will just slide right into a pocket :laughing:


Your pockets must be deeper than mine.


Got nothing in them other than pocket fluff so i guess thats why it would slide right in


Right there with ya brother. Nothing but lint. But this thing still won’t fit in a pocket.


Jeebus! You need to put a goldfish in that thing.


Bahaha! Perfect. Wish I could find one of those little mechanical fish the dollar stores sold. It would look funny as all get out in the tank.


Oh that would be awesome - i am going to go looking for things to add to my tank now


the thing closest to you and easiest to get ahold of might be a croc, good luck putting that in there :laughing:


Lmao it will fit - i have a small family in a boat floating on the top of the liquid atm they refuse to leave - maybe the croc could help me with that


No need for bottles anymore, you could mix up juice in that tank.


Congrats with the Goon this one is also on my wishlist . Some one told me to go for the 22 instead of the 24 mm which one to chose ?
The 22 has a small chamber so more flavor . Which one is yours and love to hear more about your experience with this awesome RDA .


Love me some Sunday amazon prime vape mail. New 5 tier nail polish rack for my RF SC flavors:

Now I got room for the 7 new beta flavors on their way and for the 20+ flavors in my cart waiting for me to pull the trigger on the next order. It also means my testers can go back in the 3 tier rack that these were in previously, on top of my little safe instead of being scattered about the mixing area.


Hi Papoes, I have 24 & 22 goons. I’m not able to taste a flavour difference. You might though. So it’s your preference. 24 has bigger deck and well. 22 will have more flavour technically, but not a hugely noticeable difference. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy I believe. For me they have the x factor and live up to the hype.


I haven’t tried the 22mm. But the 24 is killer. But I have put mine on my secondary mod in favor of the Skill RDA. My Skill has a build that sits higher off the deck than the build on my Goon. My next build on the Goon I want to place it higher so the air flows in under the coils as it does on the Skill and see if that is the difference maker.


Would like to hear all ABOUT your expirence with the higher build .thanks in advance .


Doesn’t the longer chimney reduce the flavor a bit?


If it does then changing it to the 10ml set up will make it amazing. Set up with the 20ml tank the flavor is as good as any tank I have.

The set up is made to wick fast with a nice juicy vape. Chain vaping doesn’t even make the tank warm at all. I was worried about that, thinking I’m boiling 20ml of juice. But it’s just not designed to boil the juice like most RTAs


What kind of build did you put in that monster?.