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Vape Mail 2017!


Dual coils, fused claptons. 3mm ID.

According to one reviewer you can put up to 6mm ID coils in it.


I was expecting something a lot bigger than that lol


I went small to start with until I can find a couple of long haired bunny rabbits to use as wick for the large coils.


Try a few grey squirrels, they’re much easier to catch and those bushy tails wick a treat


Does the grey squirrel wick better than the long haired bunny rabbit? How about flavor?

The aromizer rocks! Thanks to @woftam review several weeks ago. I bought 1, loved it so much I bought another at subtanksupply. It’s called the aromizer plus rdta and comes in a 5,10, 20ml bundle kit. For $48, it’s a steal. Using 2x28 kanthal wrapped in 40g SS316L, 6 wrap, 3mm ID. The gunmetal color looks like a black chrome in case you wonder.

Flavor wise, even with the 20ml extension, flavor is extra fine down to the last ml. It’s a great travel tank cause one won’t have to refill during the trip. Also has a very good juice control ring that really works great.


Thank You @fidalgo_vapes


Alls i’v gotten this year (besides more flavors) is another reuleaux and a twisted messes 24 so i can start making framed staple claptons… speaking of these monsters anyone else here a coil builder? Cuz if we have a thread to share tips and tricks i’d be mad keen to get in there, and maybe send some coils to some of you beautiful peeps.


Have a look here


Was just about to post this. You were faster on the draw.


Me too had link copied
U got to be fast around here
Fast tech support


rad thanks for the link, i appreciate it


I’m picturing bunny ears and a tail at the bottom of the well…the imagery is both horrific and funny as hell.


Long-haired wiener dog would work in a pinch as well.


Time to start the testing with the RF SC. First order of them is here and another order is on the way.


Would like to add a picture of my new Hicgar VT250 but my camera is crap :frowning:
Running it in TC mode with the serpent mini, great little combo.


Share a pic anyway. Doesn’t really matter about the quality


Picture does not do it justice.


Still looks awesome! As someone once told me, send it to me and I will take some good pics of it if you like :smile:

Seriously, she is a beauty.


I agree with @TheTinMan1. That’s a great looking mod. One day I shall have one lol


that looks like a substantial order :wink: enjoy