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Vape Mail 2017!


yes indeed, mine doesn’t even compare to @wvsanta I don’t think but my next order I eventually place will be ~4 times this size:


lol how long does real flavors usually take to process and ship an order ? i ordered the twinkie and french toast 2 had to have them lol


I ordered on friday, they shipped yesterday and I got them today but I live ~20 miles away from their headquarters, 35 - 40 miles from their production facility. I already got all 7 testers mixed up. only took about 35 minutes since I did all 7 x 20ml testers at the same 2.5% and only had to look at one recipe notepad page.


Man deep fried oysters
Not sure I can vape that
Let me know how it goes to each his on
Could be good just doesn’t sound good to me
Nice haul


lol, deep fried oreo


I could not help but try this one within 4 hours of mixing it. All I can say right now is I think this is going to be a winner. We shall see over the next few weeks how it develops.


The beta tester of deep fried oyster is on the way to you, along with some calamari in ink sauce. These SC concentrates should be mixed at 15%


That, the Deep Fried Twinkie, Butterfinger and Paczki all smell amazing. The 3 beta v2’s (bread pudding, french toast and cinnamon roll) all have an odd smell that reminds me of the baklava flavor. I am not sure if it is the new/different cinnamon or something else. The odd baklava scent/taste I attributed to possibly clove spice.


Man that sounds much better


This just in:
Goon RDA
Mad Dog RDA
Troll RTA

The Goon and the Mad Dog are nice RDA’s. I’m not too sure that I like the coil mounts on them but I’ll get used to them. The Troll is just a wonderful RTA. Easy to build and wick and really nice flavor and cloud. Best of all, NO LEAKS!


Yeah, im gonna need to try one of those. The Troll V2’s are my current favorite RDAs.


I had this issue with the Rice Krispy treat. The distinct taste and smell of it was also present in the RF SC marshmallow and in the RF SC CARAMEL. Odd…


That is i could taste the RF krispy treat in my SF tests of RF marshmallow and in RF Caramel. I think it is a “base” component i am smelling and tasting. I have had this issue with other brands most notably FLV marshmallow has an odd “chocolate” smell and taste and when i smell the FLV whipped cream same smell…


It would have cost you less in gas money than it would have in shipping costs… I would have drove over there and picked the order up lol… actually it wouldn’t even of been because of costs, if I lived that close I still would have made the short trip.


Yes, the next time I place an order it will be much larger and I will be sending Cindi the order via email for will call pick up. The 24 or so flavors in my cart right now has shipping charges of about 10% the cost of the order so it will definitely be cheaper to drive and pick it up myself and hopefully get to meet @Walt_RealFlavors while I am there.


BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart_eyes: Mine has been shipped today :grin:


I think you should. Two full tanks of 70/30 liquid and no issues whatsoever. It has no juice control, but it doesn’t guzzle it either.


MMV Minimus my first La De Dah mod.


Just seen this:

If you currently are the owner of; a Dryad, a Hamadryad or a Minimus, we have the option for you to change it to a Minimus with the wood of your choice. NOTE: Only the wood will be changed and not the chip! … You can use blocks (stabilized, Hybrid or Juma) by MMVapors


Vape mail! How cool are these bottles?!! Gonna have a mixing party tonight. :tada: