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Vape Mail 2017!


Very nice! Where from?




And these are the amber bottles. Great price!



Thank you hawt mama! Err…VapeyMama.


my first worthy order of 2017 , im finally switching my tanks to rba


you won’t be sorry!


i dont think so either its just a new thing to learn but a huge savings right ,


Yep, huge savings and with a good build your flavor remains on par with the premade coils. Claptons work well but my favorites are simple TI or SS spaced coils.


thats what ive noticed in my other rbas that the single coil ( regular ) is the easiest and gives me the best results


Me too. I do remember really liking 9 wrap 26g SS316L contact coils on that RBA. Very nice flavor.


the clietos come with pre installed claptons im wondering if thats the recommendation


this crown rba is tiny and its gonna take a small coil


Try them. They aren’t bad at all and you just cut your build time in half.


With limited build space I just go with the 26g SS contact coils. Quick and dirty…


HOLY SHIT And I thought I was getting a lot of stuff


Gotta love more flavors and VG.

Thank you @Nicotine_River for your customer service.


Old Skool MTL tanks :smile:




At least they finally named a product after you… :relaxed:


the VapeNut automatically turns itself off and on as it detects vapor …if you fart and it turns ON? Science!