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Vape Mail 2017!


That would look nice on my gold predator 228
I have it on pre order on vapenw
How much was it


Got it for £16.52 through Pugs’ site. I think it would look great on the red Predator too.


How was the shipping?


Oooh so pretty!


10 days China-Norway! :+1:

Oh it is, isn’t it, I’m thinking about wearing it as a pendant. So beautiful!


Its been about 3 months since ive tasted my favourite liquid…then i get a phone call off my contact …"hi pugs ive got some butterscotch popcorn in again if you want some?
“HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE!!! :astonished:

And some bits from HG for review
Great day :ok_hand:


Go steady on the popcorn…it made your chest hurt last time you overindulged dear (just call me Mam haha):+1:


Well there’s the added bonus…
0mg!..its all he had, so I can finally vape it at 1mg…pretty sure it was the 3mg that did me in last time…


Let me know about the Lush and the Medusa. I have been looking at those closely.


Result!!! :grin::facepunch:


Will do sir, finally got my new laptop yesterday (its a beast) so i havent been able to finish the vapenut review, i’ll start on these in the week 🖒


Thanks, I appreciate that.


Butter Scotch Popcorn??? Any good??


To me its fucking gorgeous but everyone else that has tasted it hates the stuff lmaoo


Does it smell bad when vaped?


Not to me, makes Jo barf tho, even when shes not pregnant lmao

Peaceful night then :ok_hand:🖒


So that would be a yes. Look at the user and light bulbs should go off on how rank the smell is.


Flavors from Gremlin DIY

Some goodies from @Machinist2 thank you very much!

Spooled SS, spooled staggered fused SS, 3 packs of prebuilt SS coils from AVS. Thanks @Rob62 for the 15% off coupon heads up.

And picked up a little something from @Whiterose0818 :smile:


Another one!..awesome, no other mods come even close do they :wink:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:! Nice one @Whiterose0818