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Vape Mail 2017!


That pulsing kicks you right in the teeth. I have a friend that comes over for wicking and any RTA issues and the first thing he does is grab my PWM mod. He can wick his own attys but I think he comes over just to vape on a WhiteRose.


your Hybrid is a lipo isn’t it?


The Lipo one I have has a DNA250 chip in it. My plan is a resin mod with a Lipo and PWM board. I just haven’t figured out colors and such.


I’d say the PWM duel batt is easily 3 or 4 times better than any other mod on the market…The lipo PWM is easily 2 or 3 times better than that…I’m not even remotely joking, my resin with a 30mm buddah absolutely kicks the ass of anything I have ever tried, and I keep it on around 25%…you’re in for a treat when you get one dude :wink:


You have me convinced. Nothing I have vapes like the 2 battery PWM. If you say the Lipo is even better then it is at the top of my to buy list. Every time you post a pic of yours I get jelly. Sweetest mod I’ve ever seen.


Sweetest mod I’ve ever used, when I get another off him it will def be the same config :ok_hand:


Lavabox M DNA75
Siren GTA
Shenray O-Atty
Some flavors from GremlinDIY
Gallon of Essential Depot VG from Amazon
100ml bottles and a replacement C frame for my VT75 Nano from Fasttech
Giveaway winnings from a couple of different vendors on Reddit

Currently waiting on a warranty replacement battery door for the Lavabox M (magnet fell out), some more flavors from the Real Flavors giveaway type thing, and silicone battery sleeves from IMR.


i just ordered 11 new stab wood enclosurfes from my guy in a broad variety of colors and woods. Most are to fit lipos ranging from 1800mAh 2s all the way up to 2250mAh 3s lipo. When they get here, i’ll send you some pix and let you take a pick. Some are for DNA and some are for PWM.


I feel it pertinent to inform you…

It detects farts…genuinely…I’ve had a very large chicken dinner and I’ve been setting this thing off every 10 minutes without vaping…goes straight to red :laughing:

It also detects air freshener :neutral_face:


Well that settles it.
Getting one for the mother in law


Bahahaha that is epic!! :facepunch::joy::joy:


Wonder how well it detects dog farts. I got a couple that seem to compete with each other on how fast they can clear a room.


Give them something else to eat. I had that problem with certain foods and my dogs and changing to a new food will/can solve that issue for you.



Go easy on the Toasted Blend start at like 0.5%


…or figure a way to leash the VapeNut to their little doggy behind (Art Dept.? Get right on that…)


That is what I am testing it at but it is weird, thicker than my plain old VG for some reason. I let it come up to room temp first and the brownie was as thin as expected. I just posted in the RF SC Tasting Notes thread with a shout out to walt to see why it might be so thick. I was thinking maybe they bottled VG in a SC bottle but even the VG flavors I had from them last year were not this crazy thick.


no it’s thick …pretty sure it’s SC because it’s actually super concentrated :wink: and I was ordering all SCs. There are both


So, no more boiled cabbage and brussel sprouts for them!


its here and also received 4 of the 6 free ones

lots of work to get done , where is everyone getting the twist tops that fit these bottles , they should be included imo