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Vape Mail 2017!


That’s a hefty order there FV!
Nic River has the twist tops

I think they’re like .20 each


i was thinking NR ty , and yes i believe the total is 31 flaves from RF im exhausted just looking at them lol


Received both Nic River and Real Flavors in today…


Would you please give me an honest report on the gummy candy flavor? Got a guy at work that wants an e liquid bad


Did you get a pen from RF?


Haha you are consumed with RF pen envy :laughing:


Hello everybody, morning double vape mail…

… with a very nice and elegant combination…

…don’t you agree?? :yum:


Very nice :thumbsup:


Hehee!!! Thank you Dr!!


Looks great what is it ?
There are so many I can’t keep up with them all
Pico ?
Dagger tank ?


Noticed the large bottle of Hazelnut. What hooked me to vaping was a purchase from Steam Punk Vapors (basic Hazelnut). What is favorite recipes with it?


Little order from chefs…

@kreed Custard - Smells and tastes amazing!!

CAP Sweet strawberry and RF strawberry

5 x 100ml bottles


So it was you who nabbed the last 5 100ml bottles I had waiting in my basket :joy::laughing:



Just did exactly that:

Got these and made testers.


Jealous lol
Mine are still a week away :frowning:
Uodate on the blue razz for sure though

I should be getting the pink candy today that @Walt_RealFlavors sent me
Swear i was going thru withdrawls lol

Again Walt is the man!!


Oh no! Sorry… :laughing:


Nope… no pen in any of my 3 boxes :frowning:


You are absolutely right, there are so many!! You found pico, the tank is a clone, doggystyle 2K16(SXK). Ordered from fasttech!!