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Vape Mail 2017!


Thank you again @Walt_RealFlavors
Its going to be getting some good use :slight_smile:


Hi gelo. Just have a quick question for you. I just made an account with Fasttech as they have some things I’m thinking of getting. I live in Pennsylvania and am wondering what they’re shipping is like in case you may have any idea. Thanx in advance.


Hello @chux72vette, I had no problems so far with fasttech!! Usually for europe and especially Greece where I live they are sending by Singapore post, takes from 10 to 30 days (you never know) the package to reach the consignee, shipping costs are insignificant or even free!!
Τhere are also other, faster Shipping Methods, but at least here in Greece, if you choose it, your parcel will certainly go through the customs office, I do not know how things are in the United States in this case.
I hope I helped a bit…!!


I will probably wait to test these until tomorrow when the other 3 flavors show up:


Thanks Walt for the flavors! And thank you @R113 for the falvors, e-juice and wire!


well if by test I meant mix them today so I could vape them tomorrow, I guess I was half right. we all knew I wasn’t waiting until tomorrow to mix em right? finger taste is good for both. apple pie, bavarian cream and nutmeg should be here tomorrow afternoon and will get mixed asap, already got the mixing gear out waiting for them and tester bottles are labeled.


Slightly delayed due to the winter weather we had but went to the Post Office today and picked up my packages that would not fit in the mail box.

Charger and Samsung 25r batteries from Illumn.com

Flavors ordered during the promotion that Real Flavors just did. I am really liking the new way they are packaging there flavors. No more leaks or damage during shipping. @Walt_RealFlavors you and the gang at RF are a class act Thank You


You have some work ahead of you by the looks


Got a little vape mail today. 2 extra gold fish bowls (Aromamizer plus)

A few here will know what i am preparing for by the batteries.


Power outage?


Very nice sir.


Real Flaves yo!


To power the flavor fridge at a power outage :laughing:


To power the filtration system for the coral reef he’s growing in the aromamizers


nah he got them sucky fishes that eat algiers and stuff doing that


When is she due? What is her name?


Not sure yet but she will be known as Smaug or Glaurung cant name her until i have met her


What is Paczki?


Is it custom or one he prebuilt?


Its my friends polish wife :wink: