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Vape Mail 2017!




Definitely Smaug after seeing that pic :laughing:


@Underanne Lmfao yup you guessed it.

@Skullblade789 custom


Very nice. Yeah cannot wait to get my custom one.


Is yummy that what it is.


So basically some weird Vega mite thing from Aussie country. LOL.


Not quite

Traditional pączki
Type Pastry
Place of origin Poland
Main ingredients Dough, grain alcohol, confiture or other sweet filling, powdered sugar, icing, glaze or bits of dried orange zest


Leave the dough and sweet shit out and give me the grain alcohol.


Hmm … looks like a jelly doughnut to me
Paczki - doughnut. Tomato - tomahto


Yup pretty much but the RF is a very good one - I have some of it steeping and I keep sneaking some into the dripper.


Yeah, I’m lucky if any of my mixes make it through the steep time


What @woftam said. Lol


Um yes please… I’ll bring some over. :wink:


Please do. No water now, I have a gaseous dog, and and my NCAA bracket is fucked.


Omw w/ :champagne::tropical_drink::cocktail::beer:


Already? Tourney just started.


Yep had Vandy going to Final Four. Not winning but heading there. Sucks.


i would have to guess something rosey and white


I love to run simple things in the ground when In a good mood. The pen thing sounded fun to play with here. However for an actual need for a pen, I’m in good shape. I may hammer this one more time just for old time sake.


From my experience, as long as I make sure to get things that are marked as “in stock” or “Ships next day” and choose epacket shipping I get my orders in about 2 weeks. Break up orders into smaller packages if you have a lot you want, and if there’s something you REALLY want that’s not in stock or next day, put it in a separate order because they’ll hold your entire order until whenever that thing is ready to ship.