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Vape Mail 2017!


All this talk about paczki is inspiring me to make some. I grew up with having it to take to school for my birthday. Oddly enough there was no filling.


Paczki is the greatest creation ever.
Not for those on a diet tho lol
We just finished our week of paczkis and i have probably gained atleast 2 or 3 lbs lol

God bless them polish bakers for finding a way to stay full threw a fast lol


Mailman just came :smile:


Luckily us dieters can vape it! :yum:


And the 3rd box finally showed up today. Will be mixing up testers today or tomorrow for sure:


Catch Up brother :grinning:

more SF flavors to make :+1:


I ordered 19 more yesterday and @Walt_RealFlavors promised some swag. That gets me up to 60 RF SC flavors when those arrive and it will be time to go thru my non-RF flavors and PIF some of them. Sounds like he will have a lot more for us to order in the coming weeks so I need to make some room in flavor racks.


Strum scissors, 24 amber bottles, Kanger DB160, Kayfun V5 clone, Limitless Plus in red.

Time to do some mixing though I want to play with the new toys so bad.


Let the games begin.

You gotta add a 1 gallon bottle of Nic River nicotine to this picture. (UPS got here about 2 hours after the USPS did)


Yay! Just got my vapemail from eciggity.

Smok Alien and Augvape Merlin RTA. Kinda bad ass looking. I might just leave the coating on the glass tank, or at least until the paint chips off the Alien. :grinning:


Very nice set up there. That’s the same colour alien I have and there’s not a single scratch on it after 3 months.


That is a good looking setup.


i love that tinted glass


Kangertech Kbox 200 & Arthur
Assorted tanks and some liquid from a good friend :smile:


Very very nice!


i love the kbox200 very reliable and solid device


I’ve wanted one ever since I got my Kangertech K-Box mini 50w v1


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors for the swag. How much do I need to order to get one of those UA jackets you mentioned?? :laughing:

BCR-1OZ-EXT Butter Cream - Super Concentrate 1
CAR-1OZ-EXT Caramel - Super Concentrate 1
CHO-1OZ-EXT Chocolate - Super Concentrate 1
CIT-1OZ-EXT Cinnamon Toast - Super Concentrate 1
CRC-1OZ-EXT Cream Cheese - Super Concentrate 1
HAZ-1OZ-EXT Hazelnut - Super Concentrate 1
HON-1OZ-EXT Honey - Super Concentrate 1
MER-1OZ-EXT Meringue - Super Concentrate 1
MIL-1OZ-EXT Milk - Super Concentrate 1
PEB-1OZ-EXT Peanut Butter - Super Concentrate 1
PAR-1OZ-EXT Pear - Super Concentrate 1
SOU-1OZ-EXT Souffle - Super Concentrate 1
SCR-1OZ-EXT Sweet Cream - Super Concentrate 1
YOG-1OZ-EXT Yogurt - Super Concentrate 1
TAF-1OZ-EXT Taffy Base - Super Concentrate 1
ORA-1OZ-EXT Orange - Super Concentrate 1
BOY-1OZ-EXT Boysenberry - Super Concentrate 1
YUM-1OZ-EXT Yumberry - Super Concentrate 1
SWP-1OZ-EXT Sweet Potato - Super Concentrate 1

And the full collection:

Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 1)

i went kbox crazy when they first came out have the 200 120 and 75tc they all still work today the 120 needs touched up its paint is chipped but the mod itself performs like they did on day one


My Kbox mini 50w has been bashed, beaten and abused, still going strong.

Great mods imo, built to last