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Vape Mail 2017!


Last of my Easter purchase came…


Lets see what this is all about then…
Actually bought something! …:smile:


Did you get the extension kit to make it a 20ml tank?

@woftam and @r113 have the Plus. Both of them have some great tips on coiling. I’ve been following their lead.

That thing is born to wick juice fast as hell. I dont even fluff my cotton much to keep it from wicking so fast. And the flavor bro. Great tank,


I didn’t get the extension no, I’m gonna though if I like it, I still rock my supreme daily so I know it’s gonna be good, I’ll see what the lads are up to with it and get some tips :wink:


Got this today in anticipation of my BIG vape mail that is due tomorrow.


Big, as in…WhiteRose big?


Exactly as in WhiteRose big :grin:


Now I just have to figure out how to wick this bad boy


You will beat the hell out of your other mods and ask them why can’t they be as awesome as a WhiteRose mod.


Youtube or GTS, Google That Shit!!!


I have no other mods now. What mods were those?


Wicking Can’t be that different than the Tsunami, right?


I don’t know. Does it matter now? That was the past.


Not really Vape Mail, but my babies were born today!!!


You and me too. I am stoked. This one has a ton of sentimental value.


Oh nice! I know exactly where that place is! They do extracts? Let me know how they turn out!


Came in today! Yipeee!


Nope I extracted it myself. Took 5 months. It is my babies.


Received from GremlinDIY’s Easter sale:

120ml bottle of DIY Flavor Shack’s Holy Vanilla
15ml bottle of CAP’s Butter Cream


Oh nice! Cant wait to hear about it!