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Vape Mail 2017!


That is AWESOME! Congratulations on the birth of the babies. After a 5 month gestation.


Thank you very much.


You are gunna love it @Pugs1970


I’ll be makin a nice lil build for it tomorrow :wink: …lookin forward to it man :wink:


Package 1 in the door.
Where in the fuck is the mail lady. Dogs get the fuck out of my way today!!!


And it’s here. My DNA mod that @Whiterose0818 knocked completely out the park. This one is very sentimental to me.

Click on the pics to get full view.


Utterly amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Awesome, that @Whiterose0818 is knocking them out of the park here. :ok_hand:


Wow, beautiful. Enjoy!!


Time to get building!


Love the “USN” logo, I also retired as a E6 (was jumped over for Chief 4 or 5 times)… but your mod states “Retired: 2018” ya still have a shot at Chief?


It’s here and things will never be the same!


Not currently. I am okay with it though.


You are gonna be in pure bliss.


And well worth a second picture


Very very nice!

Did you coil and wick up the Ammit yet?


The first hit I took on it, I cranked up to max voltage, I thought I was gonna choke! There was that much vape hitting my lungs. It’s absolutely the BEST built mod I have ever seen


Work your way up, lol.


Yes sir. Did it right the first time out of the box. Plenty of vape and no dry hits :grinning:


Wow! You went from stock coils to an RTA and threw it on a WhiteRose. Hot damn! You da man.