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Vape Mail 2017!


8+ volts right to your vape hole. Lmao.


Lol, yeah, I’m da man that’s still coughing a little bit :laughing:


8+ volts of Pure Flavor! I’ve been vaping Purilum Butter Pecan as an S.A. for a couple months now and I had no idea it tasted this good!


Awesome bit of kit. Very nice :ok_hand:


Yeah, it’s a different world.


Know anybody that wants to buy a couple used mods? :laughing:


Nice lookin’ green tops you got there mate. :slight_smile:


Wow, I got totally screwed, all I got was some Beaver Tail. :frowning:


Your gonna have to put up some orange barrels and construction warning tape to do THAT much building.


Today’s vape mail
A bunch of flavorah flavours that I have been meaning to get, 5x v1 inw milk chocolate and a do hicky from an rc car kindly sent to me by @Volition for making coils (thanks I will be trying it out later today)

Edit: oops almost forgot the crown 3 tank that I won in the elegomall comp in the background - it is an awesome tank so far thanks to elegomall for the comp and the prize.


Tell me how the Irish Cream and the papaya punch is.


ya will do mate


You know, in life you meet people. Some in person, some on the web. Every once in awhile you meet an awesome person. Someone you talk to daily. Share your thoughts. Laugh a lot. I don’t feel like I have a friend in @Skullblade789 but a brother.

That’s all the sucking up I can do in one post. Thanks Skull! You rock!


Dat is a LOTTA sucking up !!!


Damn! You send me a care pakage like that and I’ll make two or three suck up posts. :laughing:


Ain’t that the truth, lol. And it is some great mixes.


You better split it up between a couple posts then, because that’s not nearly enough sucking up for a haul like that!


I would love to show all the shit I bought but honestly I cannot afford it, It is nice to see the stuff other people have bought so that if I had an interest in that item I could always ask them a good opinion of what they bought, Then when I do save up enough I can purchase that item knowing what it’s capable of or not.

Thank you all.


Wait a minute @TheTinMan1 how the hell did you manage to get such a large package of WTF !!! from @Skullblade789 ??


It’s how you present your PENIS!