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Vape Mail 2017!


Skull brought me over here from ECF. We met on ECF and fast became friends. Realized we were probably separated at birth. He is a great friend and a true brother.

Sucking up helps…did I mention that?


Hehe, I had no idea you guys were ECF converts. Back when I was buying, met one of the best people I’ve ever met online, and she was a mixer (or witch doctor) depending, hehe.

Maurine from Copper Creek has one hell of a crew over on ECF, and she really makes some good juice, takes REALLY good care of her customers, and has a big Copper Creek Posse following over there. Spent a lot of time just BS’ing, no real DIY stuff, maybe some tanks/mods, etc. Really good crew. Never had any issues with any heavy handed mods over there (but I’ve heard stories). Can’t remember how in the hell I even found ELR. I guess I’m a bad vaper as I don’t really go to ECF anymore, but I met a lot of really good people over there.


Plus I got him started into DIY. He is doing good, but still fucking up some of the mixes. His palate is not as refined. He is a Tarheel after all. What did you expect?


Hehe I’ve heard about those damned Tarheel’s !!!


I’m still borking more than I’m fixing over here, and currently trying to get a S’mores MY WAY, is pissin me off !!!



You guys wouldn’t be referring to the Men’s Divison I National Championship Tar Heels, now would you?


Stubborn fuckers really. He’ll he is damn good to me and makes me fucking laugh. I need that in a friend.


Nope just you. They made it to the championship. You just yelled at a screen.


So very true.



That made me smile.



@TheTinMan1 Don’t tell my wife, but the best girl I ever met (aside from my wife,. cough cough), was from Hickory, NC. Once you go southern, it’s hard to go back !!!


Blue Hens in the house !!!


So true. Louisville, KY is where my wife Is from.


@Walt_RealFlavors has a sale just as I get my Easter Orders smh - I have too many to test already.

Many of these are replacement flavours but there are still a ton of new ones to test.

@R113 - Russ the pen on top is is just for you lol

3 wolves will go to the kids 2 watches 5 eggs (Walt I love the peanut butter cups yum)

The Predator 228 I won from @Heaven_Gifts Thank you again
Review to follow after I have played with it a bit. But holy cow you guys are fast I gave you my details 4 days ago and I have it in my hand in Australia already that has to be some sort of record.


Thank you for sending the pen! You are a real pal for doing this for me and I sincerely appreciate all you do!


Woo hoo nicotine river comes through again!!! Just in time for weekend mix session


Gotta love the weekenders !!!


Oh yea might even start tonight lol but I’m already 2 beers in and about ready for a shot lol so maybe not


I got the Vapeonly Malle PCC kit I won from @Heaven_Gifts in just a few days also. I’m still playing with it and am considering writing a review on it as well.