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Vape Mail 2017!


OK, I’m curious. Why would a company in Belgium label my Dripbox 160 Vape Mail as a “children toy” in the label description?


To clear customs maybe?


Yeah I just found it a bit ironic :smirk:


Better than adult toy, I suppose. Customs may want to open that one.



I got this nice little bag of goodies (o rings and such) the other day from @TheTinMan1! Thanks so much! I put a new build in there and now I think I’m ready to do some testing of new flavors! ELR and the people here rock!


bringing my old fave out of retirement today lol and only for a dollar any suggestions to wick these would be great


Well, we have a shit ton of licorices and oranges on the way from BC. Also some super sweet CAP and INW Kactus.
Some colbalt blue 30 mil bottles for my own use and 100 - 30ml plastic bottles for sellin my junk to the boys at work for 6 bucks a 30. :wink:

Just about to start the process of my very first REAL recipe. So excited - I already have 2 120’s sold and the recipe doesent even exist yet. lmao


how do you like that goon Lp? i have the regular goon. wondering if that one is better.


The LP doesn’t even come close to the regular Goon. First off it is a really cramped deck which means difficulties to build and the flavor isn’t as good as the regular one.
If you would ask me i would say you are better off putting money on something else instead.


Totally agree with @Norseman, the LP was good when I first tried it but I do actually very much prefer the original


Thanks guys! Now I will pick up a goon clone! I like the airflow and flavor on the LP goon! I don’t love the small build deck. It took me forever to build on yesterday (I’m not the best builder in the world)!


I agree with @Norseman and @Pugs1970. If they had put the clamps on top like the OG Goon the deck would have been so much better. I couldnt fit any of my favorite builds in it and just gave up. I never found a build that made it taste good.


I’m pretty attached to my goon. it was my first rda. used to use rta. since getting my goon i haven’t used or purchased any other atty. I’m sure there are plenty of awesome rda’s, but i have been totally satisfied with the performance. been trying to get more flavor concentrates. I’ve been vaping the same 3 recipes for a while and only have about 10 flavors in my stash. i have really been eager to do more recipes, but the concentrates are not cheap. bought 235 acres a couple years ago and starting up a farm that’s profitable these days is tough.


I agree with you on the goon. So much so I bought two more. For my builds it works just perfect and dial in the way I like it. I loved my velocity v2, but it was tough to fit my build in there and I wasn’t always sad when my goon needed to be rewicked. Now with three I’m always got two in the rotation and a third as a backup…built and ready for vaping.


since i started going real easy on the cotton, i don’t have to rewick nearly as often. no burnt taste ever. i can go 10days np. but i usually rewick anyway once the coils discolor, but definitely if someone has serious wicking issues with the goon they need to go back to prebuilt coils. lol


im thinking of getti g a goon and went to their website and was expecting one lol but too many options so which one is the original ???


Welp the predator was junk (should have known better).

Anyway the tesla steampunk nano showed up from vaporider today!

I really need to find something to match it. I love the limitless classic but the white and copper just ain’t right.


I go 1 - 2 months (100 - 200 ml) on my mods wicked with rayon. I would go bonkers if I had to re-wick my 5 or 6 mods every 10 days


bought mine from element vape. they only have the goon and goon Lp(low profile). i like my stainless steel one. heard the brass or copper give a metal taste