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Vape Mail 2017!


would you elaborate , i was thinking of getting my girl one


The Original was the 24mm. Then came the 22’mm and the the lp.

You can get an authentic at eciggity.


so the 24 or 22 ?? which is better


i actually bought some after reading about it here. haven’t got around to trying it. figured there was going to be a learning curve, so been kinda putting it off. maybe I’ll bust it out next weekend and play around with it.


So @MisterSinner I am very thankful for the skins. I know I got them a while ago, but had mucho vapo mail come in.
The vape bands I got off of Amazon.
The coils from Advanced Vape Supply. Really good company and if in the US are super fast to get the product. 3 days from order to door. Quality is spot on. If you need coils and do not want to make them, this is the place for you!


there is a learning curve but well worth it imo. search out the mega thread(s) on ECF about it, PM me if you need a link or any tips


Mine ate shit after 2200 puffs. The fire bar stopped recognizing clicks and would just fire for the entire 10 seconds. I couldn’t turn the mod off or switch menus. Going to send it back to vapenw for a replacement but it’s just going into the backup drawer when the new one shows up.

Plus the whole 510 debacle that I won’t get into right now.


My pleasure. Glad they got a home.


Depends on your build. For my dual coil 9 wrap 24g ss316L round wire build (spaced) I’d go with the 24mm. But if you can fit your happy build in a smaller deck I would go with the smaller one.

If there is too much space in the chamber the flavor can drop off a bit.


i use the 24. never used the 22, but i would not want to have to drip every hit. the 24 you can get a good session off one, max two, drips.
i don’t build so big, 7wrap 24ga dual, no space, but it comes to .40ohms and I’m around 60-80 watts, so i fly through the juice. if you use low watts and don’t like a very thick vape, smaller version may have benefits.


Will sort of matchy matchy i am not sure how they vape i am sure someone has one

I agree on the predator - like all the other wismec reg mods I have had the software needs work to make it more user friendly - they need to sort it so 316l coils don’t make it jump out if tc and the build quality 510 wise is not great (even tho my 510 isn’t loose yet i am sure if i keep using it will be)


:heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_exclamation: , pretty, must have…


So i have a few mods and don’t get to gushy over them that is until now OMFG this is awesome.

I have only just charged the battery and had a couple of hits on it but wow - instant ramp and awesome flavour - I will be posting a few more pictures soon with a few more thoughts and thanks. But here are a few vape porn pictures.

If you are halfway serious about quality and flavour you cannot walk past a mod made by @Whiterose0818 . Rob absolute pleasure to deal with you and you did a cracking job thank you. I will post a few more pictures soon in the WR Mod thread.


Amen to that!

Beautiful mod @woftam Congrats!


Gorgeous mod brother. Enjoy it.


If anyone is looking for one, give him a tad bit more time. With all the reviews lately the man is kind of backed up. He will get with you just backed up in the mod department. Lol.

@Whiterose0818 still will produce great amazing mods and will back it up too. Give him just a bit longer.


Everything I’ve seen on the Merlin has been pretty decent. I think I’m going to order the rose for my copper battlestar. I’m sure it’s going to sit pretty on your Tesla.


oh not my tesla it is @Fresh7 's who was looking for something to suit


My mistake…


That looks amazing btw!! Love that color combo. Enjoy~