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Vape Mail 2017!


Some real flavors

Yeah, that’s nice, now let’s get to the fuking goods.

Thank you @Whiterose0818 for two more of your finest work!


My next 11 Real Flavors showed up to late to play with so I’ll get some testers under way ASAP


oooh that’s a bit sexy…love that :wink: …sweet choice man


Bling, bling.


Just got off work and got my white predator gonna put some batteries in it and test it out :grinning:


So those of you that know me already will understand this!


My new baby!!!


Your into Gateway computers?


What made you think that?


Your vape band.


LMAO!!! Nope, just how the band came out.


Vaping in the bathroom instead of using air freshener?


My first step to world domination…


Nope that is my lab table I built.


Granite! Very nice :+1:


Not even close. Faux granite. Lol.


Faux granite by definition IS close to granite. :fu:t3: :laughing:


A very nice fuck you too. I mean it in all sincerity! :middle_finger: LMAO!!!


the top looks like HD laminate like formica or wilson art with a preformed edge


Maybe. I got it at lowes. It was a counter top. I got the work bench for 25 on Craigslist.