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Vape Mail 2017!


yes , then probably, is the board its on satin plywood or mdf/hdf regardless it looks good


Thanks. The backsplash is vinyl tile on peg board. Lot of cussing with that stuff.


it could be a pain in the butt , ive been in the flooring industry/ countertops for 22 years


Nice. Yeah it was a pain. But turned out nice.



:middle_finger::middle_finger::middle_finger: SPLASH GOT IT FUCKER!


This one surprised me. Tiny little wicking holes that screamed dry hit. Just the opposite. Wicks like a charm.


I never order my toys from China. And I was curious why they need to label a mod as a child’s toy? Is there a problem with China shipping vape gear to USA if labeled as such?


I also received a few vape bands from RF, unfortunately they are so small (interior diameter) I don’t think they will fit on a tank (even when stretched to their max).


Who is mixing this weekend? :point_up:️:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::point_up:️ This guy.

The flavor I am most excited to try is royal orange FA. Smells like a winner.

And see the nice touch on the packing slip. That warms my heart. Plus everything was intact, no leaks, and as always everything in the box. Thanks @BullCityFlavors


Not sure why they would label it as such. My last order didn’t have any description other than an sku # but the previous two or three were labeled as “gadget kitchen”


Yeah the happy face drawings/handwritten thank-yous are a really nice touch. I always look for it on my receipts.


@Chrispdx Love Bull City.


Dueo unforeseen circumstances, the delivery company misplaced my starter kit and flavours so it won’t be till next week that I get to start mixing.

To ease the pain, this pup arrived this morning


Just a few things to add to the Collection.


You can always request a picture too!


LOL Now I have to place another order and request a picture.
It’s always nice to see vendors posting on the boards.


We’ve been a huge fan of ELR for a long time, and we haven’t been as active as we should have, but I’m working to make replies on the different boards a regular thing. =)


Time to start playing… tomorrow!


Just received my two black Gemini RTAs. Vape NW has them for sale at 11.00 each (silver for 10.00). If you haven’t tried this one, you should. It’s well machined, fantastic for flavor and decent for clouds. Wicking can be learned pretty quick and no leaks at all when done correctly.