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Vape Mail 2017!


I think Vape NW need to do an update to their site since it says “gemini-rta-by-geek-vape” in the link and it does come from Vaporesso.


I noticed that as well, but you do get the legit Vaporesso model.


Yup its just the wrong description on the link that someone made at that company


What kind of tank is that look great and how much were they sorry can’t tell from box
Really sharp


Dotmod petri


My petri V2 fell off of my desk yesterday and the driptip broke off. =(


Awe man that sucks
Very nice just watched video on build taking pin out to build and re-wick little pain but very nice tank looks awesome 24k plating might get one 70 dollars not too bad


Its worth it, very easy to build on and has amazing flavor. I knew someone who did a group buy and got mine for about $42, and it came with the cloudcap, which is basically just the same top but with 4 airflow holes instead of 2, all it did was mute the flavor. So I recommend the petri v2, but not the cloudcap. Also I highly recommend the Petri RTA as well.


Just arrived @Pugs1970


The video you watched was of the Petri 22mm. It’s not s huge issue really. However, those 2 are the new Petri 24. That “problem” is gone. They are easily the closest thing to a RDA in a tank I’ve ever used. However, they have 1 big con. Price! I’m a sucker for them.

Btw if you watch YouTube videos on the Petri 24. There were 2 types produced a prototype type about 12 months ago and this production model we which was brought out in the last month or two. Pay attention to the date of the video to tell which one you are watching.

Although a brilliant tank (the design is all about flavour, gold is inert so doesn’t alter flavour), there are tanks that perform basically as good for half the price. But I’m just a sucker for the bling. Both the 22mm & 24mm’s I use constantly. I’m a dotmod fan, totally biased.


Can’t blame ya, the bling is gorgeous.


Good skills Randy :wink:🖒 let me know what you think


Have you tried a Moonshot 24? That to me is the closest thing to and RDA in a tank. Awesome flavor and vapor production. It’s a little tricky to build at first but doesn’t take long to master. The wicking is easy as well.


I need to work on my wicking skills a little, but so far … Holy Crap this thing is awesome!


i dont buy a lot lately , which i believe is a good thing. , but i know what i like and use , and i buy bigger now


There is a joke in there somewhere…

bites tongue


dont get it going lmao


Get what going? I was sniffing around to find trouble. Any to be had here?


Yeeeesss always go big with the whip.


Hellz to the yesss. I knew where there was trouble there would be you.

Remember if you bring out BIG WHIPPED anything we will be right there.