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Vape Mail 2017!


The moonshot and Petri 24 look very similar from a design point. The chimney, barrel, etc. I’d bet side by side it would be very close call. I’ll definitely look at the moonshot when I’m looking for a RTA next time. Thanks.


Well that didn’t take long! :laughing:


Nope we are pros at this. I think I have my degree in derailing threads some where.


Freakin’ doctorate is what you’ve got, my friend.


Hey, just tell people to keep the door fucking shut in stead of wide open. Ah who the fuck am I kidding.

I bust in and get cozy!!!




^^^ Exactly. :+1:



For the record Fidalgo started it. I am innocent of all shenanigans.




A truly “must have” for the aspiring mad scientist. From my friends at www.websaurantstore.com Now I can stop mixing on the dining room table! Did have to hack seven inches off the legs to make it sitting height.


Sweet! I’d have that area cluttered in no time at all. I need one of those real long ones. Wonder if there’s a morgue having a garage sale somewhere…


Slick, dude!!


Please let us know what you think of that kit! I’m very tempted to order one myself.


Will do! It will be a week or so before I can sit down with it per graduation season. Grand children are now graduating from college. Good grief! It never ends.


The agony of not being able to play with your new toys :grimacing:


i love that table top it looks so sterile like i wouldnt want to touch anything lol


Lol, I love them too. Their commercial kitchen work tables. But right now stainless steel is in the vogue so it doesn’t look bad in my doghouse. Of course, it is a doghouse, so, what could look too bad?


So got some vape mail in.