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Vape Mail 2017!


Ok so you are not Bruce Jenner
Just kidding


hahaha @Skullblade789 now with no traces of nuts - just can’t see that happening anytime ever



Hahaaa!! What’s in the box?!


Gum. Wife brought home from her trip. Not knowing anything on the forum. I was in absolute tears when I saw it from laughter.


I haven’t gotten vape mail in awhile, but the sweetest Southerner in the whole world sent me this beauty and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It may very well surpass the Aromamizer for favorite tank.


Lol! That’s hilarious!



Today was the closest thing to xmas without it actually being xmas.

First this lot arrived…

Followed by this

With these thrown in free! (A massive thanks to www.thevapersclub.co.uk)

Now I just need to order some wire…


It came today. The dual coil Ammit. Everything the @Pugs1970 promised. Good flavor, good cloud. Twisted Clapton 28/30 SS, 3mm, 0.25Ω. Huge wicking ports and I crammed them. Amazing, no dry hits.


Nice haul!

The Element Keylime Cookie will hit your sweet tooth. What flavor is the Liquid State?


Coney Cake [quote=“TheTinMan1, post:1296, topic:102393”]
What flavor is the Liquid State?

Coney Cake! I’m gonna enjoy this lot :smiley:


Beautiful coil shot!


lol, I have to thank you for that! That is an amazing process. A whole new world opened up for me!


Their Apple Butter is one of my favs. Someone clone it and it is spot on.


LOL what the hell is THAT ???


Can you hear the crazy laughter in the other room? The mad scientist’s dream is coming true!


look at that funnel


In case anyone has vape mail coming through Fedex…


Booo. :thumbsdown: