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Vape Mail 2017!


Wow, that is such an amazing design!


Please, PLEASE, Don’t Feed The Bears,lol.


Best. Vapemail. Ever. @Whiterose0818 is a genius. I’m in love. His mods are every bit as magical and wonderful as everyone makes them out to be. Order one! Pardon the chipped and gross nails. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Part 2 is some ooo flavors. The raspberry was the “Free bottle” that you can get, plus they threw in the 30ml pink lemonade and a…pog? No idea what the little disc is. E-liq bottle coaster? They all smell true to their names and finger tests are good. I’ll post notes in the tasting section at some point. :wink:


OMG! YES! This is glorious! Although I may be a bit biased, lol.


Holy crap that’s amazing!



Just wow.




Well part of my goodies had arrived.

VG, PG, Empty plastic 10ml, Empty Glass 15mls
Sweetener, Sugar Cone, Strawberry Shortcake (Free)

Orange (fresh)
Pear (juicy)
Apple (free)
Sucralose 15% PG
Rhubarb (Crisp)

The Third part was 4 bottles from Real Flavors and USPS is taking their own sweet assed time about getting it here. Could have come from China and gotten here sooner.
Ordered on the 11th. Shipped Sat the 13th. That’s fine I’m sure Walt and Company were swamped getting the free samples out.
But Zowie once it hit USPS hands it didn’t move from then till the 16th and tracking says it’s not due to my hands till Friday the 19th ??
LMAO simply amazing.


4 x 500ml of Darkstar’s finest 72mg Nicotine

18 of the most recommended flavours

And a mod I’m hoping to entice the Mrs with…


I have 2 of those and the wife loves them.

I paired one with the Nautilus tank for that MTL feel and some Strawberry Breeze and Menthol E-liquid :yum:


My topbox mini was a fab lil mod - very reliable :+1:


YAY, vapemail day! Mostly restocking with a few new flavors (Butter Pecan, White Peach and Pear).

Apologies in advance to @Alisa, I’m about to butcher your Bust-a-Nut recipe. It will end up being a mish mash of v1 and v2 with the brands, and then DX versions of Bavarian Creme and Hazelnut. I did at least want the Butter Pecan (FW). I’ll eventually get the rest of it a correct.


Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do! Who knows?.. you may
end up with the perfect mix for your own taste!


love the ktech mine are still working after 2 years


How are you fidalgo


im doing ok , baby has been sick so ive been stuck in the house lol , ty for asking , how have you been ???


Yup. Welcome the new mods to the fam. Just acouple poo’s. Whoops. I mean voopoo’a and a cricket. And a plume veil clone.


@BullCityFlavors is the sh@t I love them. Only vendor I order flavors from since day one. Sweet order!


I like the Cricket Use it a lot . Great Pic1