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Vape Mail 2017!


3% samples done as soon as they arrived.


Delaying the inevitable for a couple more months - 5 oz of old formula Inw Milk Chocolate.


As a huge fan of the original Aspire Cleito i was bummed that the follow up was the Cleito 120 i dont ever vape over 70w , so that tank was too much for me to even consider , now they have the cleito exo which im pretty excited about @MysticRose ill let you know soon how it is


Sure looks pretty!


i never buy anything colorful so i figured why not , i think the tank and the mod contrast well btw ty


The Alien is a little beast!


Hehe that the OLD version ? Wanna lighten your load by one ??



Nope sorry I am hoarding it but it is still available

not sure the shipping would be worth it but they have 16x30ml left v1


I’m ok man you know, same shit different day lol

Hope baby gets well soon! :thumbsup:


Normally I’m not into all the colors either, but I actually LIKE that. What color are they calling that ?


Thank you @woftam


rainbow i believe for the top , and orange for the mod :slight_smile: the mod isnt new its a couple months old not my favorite mod ive bought but it works ( most of the time )


is that the rx75 ? i liked it for a carry around i switched tanks and put a cleito on mine …


@fidalgo_vapes Hmmmmm, your orange mod, seems to have strange powers over me, hehe.


Yes, actually after reading @TheTinMan1’s dilemma thread about helping non vapers wanting to switch to vaping, who slip up, back to cigs, etc., decided to buy that RX75 for a neighbor to see if I can kick him off cigs. I had to set it up for him, and although I hate buying atomizers, the thing was actually very well built, vaped surprisingly well even WITH the stock tank, wide open airflow. Hell, I’d love a sexy little carry piece that doesn’t leak like a sieve when it’s on it’s side like my beloved Steam Craves. I was actually surprised by it honestly. What kind of battery life were you getting out of that mod running a cleito ?


If he was in the USA, I’d ask if he wanted to lighten it by two! :laughing:


Hehe, I agree. I’ve heard THAT much of the same juice CAN indeed be dangerous. Much safer to split it up, … for safety’s sake and all…


i switch between a few mods everyday , but i believe i got a full day of vaping at least its been awhile since ive used it


So here is my latest haul. Yes that is a @Whiterose0818 mod in the center. It has the Medusa RDTA on the top. That Medusa and Silver DB160 plus 2 juices courtesy of @TheTinMan1. Of course @Nicotine_River for the VG Nic and flavors.

Sorry for not posting lately. I have been battling inner demons for 2 weeks now. I thought it was getting better, but right back in to battle I go.

Just wanted to thank those individuals and let them know I appreciate them.