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Vape Mail 2017!


i couldnt pass it up it was like 32$ shipped when i bought it its the evic vtc dual , ive heard great things but havent been that impressed it doesnt fire everytime i hit the button not sure why but it happens a lot


May you rise victorious.
I mean that sincerly.


My new toy! jmodz dual 18650 silent PWM.
I also finalized my Whiterose stab wood PWM order yesterday.
@Skullblade789 I nearly bought the Whiterose mod that you ended up buying, it was just a bit too big for my small, fat fingered hands, it’s a beauty though!


Fight the good fight brother.


Empty tank (Boreas) on a G-Class. It’s full of fingerprints, but it’s new and I love it so far.


That’s a sweet piece of kit Joe.


Thanks, bro. I have been vaping for 3 years and have had more than enough restraint when it comes to new gear. I bought big when I first started and have done so once a year. So this is the setup (along with a Sherman RTA) that will carry me for this year.

1st year… VTR with a Taifun GS mini:

2nd year… Sigelei 150 with a Dot Com RDA

3rd year… Sigelei 213 Mostly with Boreas RTAs

Other than those, there has only been one other “night out” setup… IPV D2 with a derringer RDA:

I know I could’ve bought a lot more gear when I see some of the stuff my friends have laying around.
AND… on a side note ALL of it still works perfectly!


Outstanding stuff!

Ever think about adding a PWM mod to the collection?


Not at the moment. There are a few that I’ve liked. I think I’m going to take it easy on the spending for a while. I just put in a flavorings/VG order too. Imma “coast” for a while. :wink:


So… this should last me a while!


Just a little something, something.

It can be purchased from HEALTH CABIN now with coupon code 8yrhc Coils are in stock now also! I’m serious this thing is the grab and go mod, Joyetech was spot on with this.


A buy from ‘down under’? Lol, sorry, I couldn’t resist. Good buy though :+1:


I don’t know what heck happened! still trying figure this out. lol!

Last time I try and say that I got some things from Fasttech that’s for sure.
they say the issue is on imagur side oh well.


Leave it, it’s more fun! Lol


Ya think??


:jealous: I wish I could get my stuff to hang from the ceiling like that… I could double my storage area and keep things out of the cats’ reach as well!


@Whiterose0818 cough cough …


@45_CALIBER_JUICES I hate it when that happens.


Got the Ammit in from MFS, super fast. Ordered it on Monday and its here today!


Very nice. Sorry about your thread. I really am. Glad it did not persuade you from getting the Ammit. Damn good vape.