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Vape Mail 2017!


I do hope you like it, @Jenny1978 . After all of these years, and all of the recipes, it is still my #1 ADV.


Just came today.
@TheTinMan1 @woftam
I Don’t Need Any More RTAs !!
Edit: DAMN this thing is HUGE !!


That’s what she said.


She didn’t say it loud enough


Another @TheTinMan1 BIG THANK YOU!!!
man… (almost) makes me feel bad for what I’ve said about NC drivers… almost…
Seriously… thanks Tinman!


Psst… Someone, wink wink, should nominate @thetinman1 for the Guardian Angel badge… Seems he has been spreading good fortune and love around. :wink:


I agree completely! :+1:


Love, love, LOVE me some B.A.N.! It was the first recipe I mixed myself and still adore it! Thank you again Alisa!


Nice! That’s my next piece of kit right there! Lol


My bull city haul came in.

No pics since it’s just flavors everyone has in their stash.

Finally picked up some FW Hazelnut that has been missing from my arsenal for sometime now. Plus a few others that had been missing.


Still got 16 flaves coming from Real Flavors, but this much arrived today …

And as I said I would do a side-by-side comparison of the Kylin and Ammit dual coil RTA, here’s the short version…

Build exactly the same. 24/36 SS clapton, 3mm ID, 6 wrap dual contact coils.

They look like happy little 99s don’t they? :slight_smile:

So I like how the Ammit includes the top piece to make it a 3 piece kit which holds itself together when removing the top cap for filling. Big plus in my book. Although the Kylin doesn’t appear to be loose and wobbly when refilling. The airflow on the Kylin is a tiny bit less restrictive than the Ammit, although I thoroughly enjoy the Ammit’s airflow. As for the vape - virtually identical. If I had to pick one among them it would be the Ammit. Not that adjusting the AFC is something I’ll do very often at all (practically never) but I found I can adjust it with the tank mounted. The Kylin I have to nearly remove from the mod to move the AFC. Outside of those minor differences, I guess it comes down to aesthetics. Gotta give that to the Ammit as well. In shorty mode she’s a beaut.

Geekvape can thank @Pugs1970 for my purchase, and for my next purchase. I love this tank!!


Just got home from work to find these waiting for me :slight_smile:
Il def be ordering from Paragon again
I know its not the RF SC’s or the flavorah line but def some goodies to be excited about lol


Thanks for the shout out brother :wink: …and i totally agree with you, I think if someone came to me and said “you can only have one of them”…apart from them being incredibly mean…they would also make me choose the Ammit. But I’d be OK with either.


Actually I think that is a pretty funny comment. I would think the majority of the people here have and use CAP and TPA ingredients, I know I have the majority of what you had shown in your picture (I don’t have that Lemon Meringue Pie or Lucky Leprechaun).


Lol yea i know i just mean cause everyone is showing off their new SCs and i have seen alot if people grabbing the entire flavorah line lately
I love cap tfa n fa. As for FW i either love it or its completely shit for me there isnt really a inbetween lol


holy mother of VG bottles im set plus they sent an additional liter of VG so ty for that


Sorry TinMan, it’s like a TRIGGER for me, I can’t help myself…


Ok, I picked this up because I was so impressed with the ml class. I am however initially disappointed. Purely subjective. many of the things I loved about the ml are changed. The SX mini Q is light. Just doesn’t have that substantial feel that the ml does. The fire button is less “clickey”. It works fine, just not that snappy feel. I can’t get the custom ramp curves to work. I have a ticket in to yihi. Other than that it is still a very fine mod. Would I replace it if I lost it? Hard to say.


this flavor has eluded me for a long time , every time i ordered from them it was out of stock so finally , hope it was worth the wait


Please let me know on this as well as seen a recipe I wouldn’t mind trying with this as love that flavor in coffee. Thanx @fidalgo_vapes