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Vape Mail 2017!


Just for the record, today I received a Sherman RTA clone and it seems to be a perfect 1-1 clone. Feels exactly like the original and more importantly, vapes exactly like the original. At $23 it’s a great buy.
I did post this in the Current Favorite Tank thread too as that was where I posted on the original Sherman.


i could tell you it smells freaking great , however i never base anything off smell anymore smell to vape dont always translate but this is a popular flave and different than any cream i have


Yeah, CAP choc fudge brownie is a good example of that, smells delicious in the bottle vape smells like a urinal though


Yeah! 2.5 gallon club! Woot woot!

I haven’t even cracked mine open yet… I don’t know how the hell I’m gonna pour it! :joy:


i know right , funnel into a gallon jug im thinking but its hard to pass up especially with the 50 free shipping , Long time VG


Oh good… this whole year?
PG, VG, around 70 flavours (well 30 were testers, and some of them are still on their way :stuck_out_tongue: ) , Atties (Kayfun V5, Griffin, Ammit, Avocado, Hadaly), stuff for coiling (all kinds of wire, tools, cotton…) Mods… so much stuff :smiley:
Neverending Christmas in this house. I have realized how much money I have saved by not smoking and by mixing my own liquid, I guess this has made me a bit crazy this year ^^ (and I am still under the “smoking budget” for only this year… hah!)


Got mine yesterday. Super smooth. Tough to believe it’s a clone. It’s the Kindbright one. There are 2 clones there. I was told not to get the VapEasy one.

It took about 9 days to get to me in the NYC area from China (including memorial day weekend in there). I chose the better shipping for a buck more. (I think it’s SF Express to move it out of china and to customs, then it shipped USPS with a tracking number from the importer in the Bronx (Inwood, NY).


Bottles and bottles and bottles, oh my!


Oh Wow. Seems you have plans :smiley:


Oh I always have plans! Usually more than I can actually carry out…:joy:


Took me awhile to finally locate it when I was trying also… I had wanted it for the CreamStone recipe, it works nicely in it.


thats the recipe that made me first want it , so i subbed it , funny thing is now that i got the italian cream im out of TPA dairy milk , so i subbed the RFSC milk in place of the TPA i hope it works welll , and still to this day i havent been able to make @alisa actual creamstone smh


Very first LB flavors and the Vanilla Ice Cream and Rootbeer smell hella-good.


you were more serious about that VIC


After about every review I read, I couldn’t not get a bigger one.


Geez VM, along with the bottles, how many batteries have you got lined up in the charger?


Lol. That always depends on the device(s) used, and how many users in the household. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only four. :grinning: That’s the set for my reuleaux rx300. His name is Bob (battery operated boyfriend). I need another set, I hate those few hours when he’s out of commission while the batteries charge.


I knew it was coming…



Go easy with that HS italian cream! Lol it can dominate a mix… I would start at 0.5%