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Vape Mail 2017!


That RF SC milk is stronger than i thought started at 1.5% (in a mix) dropped it to 0.75% and am vaping a very steeped cereal mix now with the milk aspect fully blossomed. It is deadly but the milk aspect is forward and i would prefer the cereal to dominate. Thinking 0.5% is all that is needed. Ps i supplement my milk aspect with ooo milky undertone. It is worth getting if you dont already have it. Dont forget the OOO 25% code, thanks go to @Bob_Bitchen for pointing this out. The code can be found on the resources page…


I’m sure you do :wink::laughing:


i dont hve any ooo products but have thought about that one many times i may give it a go ty for the heads up and suggestions


are there any other MUST haves from ooo, just things that you couldnt do without that i couldnt or dont possibly have that similar ty


Time to get in step with the Squonk Life!


Welcome to the Squonk Gang :+1:



Hell yeah!! @kreed :yum:


first time order from goodearthbeauty.com
and im very excited because they sent a free small bottle of another flave i havent tried so that was a nice surprise ty @Pro_Vapes for the heads up


Hi! Just a heads-up. I just got a package from ECX today and the RF concentrate bottles were, indeed, leaking. Its the red-topped 10ml bottles. I see that this is a problem you are already working on, and I’m not upset, I know it must be a headache to dial in all the details of a company like this. Just hoping to help you track the issue. Cheers for all that you do! Btw, this was my first order of flavors from any company, I haven’t mixed at all yet!


just a suggestion , dont take this like im being rude ,but what i was going to say is that walt has nothing to do with that issue , its an ECX problem so i would contact them


I appreciate the suggestion. I’m really new here and was hesitant to post this as my first post ever, but it seemed ok. Sorry if I overstepped. I did submit a ticket to ECX with a picture of the bottles before searching here for other accounts of leakage. I responded here only after reading the whole thread and seeing that Walt was trying new bottles out. Thought I could be helpful. Wasn’t trying to come down on him or ask for replacements. All good, I hope.


your all good i was only making a suggestion in case you did not realize that it was an ecx issue , i hope i didnt come off as an ass , id like to welcome you to ELR i hope you enjoy the site as much as i and so many others do , if there is ever anything i could do personally just shout well type in CAPS lol :wink:


No, you didn’t come off as an ass or rude. We’re good! Thanks for jumping in. It was a nice reminder, though, to be more thorough with delicate information. I should have stated that I had already put in a ticket with ECX in my original post. Btw, I found the culprit to the worst of the leakage in my order this morning… the neck of the SB SC bottle had snapped off completely! (I updated the ticket). Looking forward to more interaction on happier subjects! Thanks again!


Ecx is pretty good at making things right. You may not hear back until tomorrow (maybe not until late in the day)…but they have been good at taking care of issues.


I have to agree about ECX customer service being very good they will make it right.


My third one got the plus this time has the color screen and extra top screw so the top plate won’t separate if dropped like m other 2 did but they both still work after mega use


…please tell me that’s not a bottle of aquaphor and a used tissue on a nightstand next to your bed in a picture you posted online!


Just got my first order from RF in!
Now if I could figure out how to post the pic… :fearful:


either method will work once you email the pic to yourself :+1: (options available after you click REPLY)

If you are posting from your phone…click “Upload” after you hit Reply.