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Vape Mail 2017!


Thank you! @MisterSinner
Proof that you, sir, can teach an old salty dog a new trick. :laughing:



thats pretty , im not up to date with hardware , what is it


Thanks fidalgo it’s a Petri 24mm RTA. Looks great, haven’t built on it yet, and the threads are indeed supa smooth. All I can say this far…



Yeah, $70 for this thing and even their stock photo shows the AFC ring cockeyed. Must the the packaging they’re charging so much for :frowning:


I definitely love the presentation as you open the box.
That baby would have to be a permanent resident of my office, where it would be safe. I’m not great with fine motor skills (in other words, I break crap constantly.)


@Volition swears by the Petri. I hope the new version is just as good (not owned one) but that photo…grrrr. They didn’t add to it’s looks with that AFC ring. Anyone who’s owned a Ohmega has seen that image too many times :slight_smile:


that does look bad lol , something i would not have seen good eye


Both of those are the bomb.


the white chocolate i have not used , it was actually a nice surprise to get a sample of something even though i only ordered 1 bottle , ill continue to use this company goodearthbeauty.com


The Vanilla is a complimentary add to a lot of my mixes. Especially Vanilla Custards.


ya the vanilla is great , there was a person wanting to do a ry4 net and was asking which vanilla and caramel to use , i was going to suggest the MF vanilla but dont know enough about nets


I would actually take a cured Virginia Flu Tobacco and add those to a mix or a stone.


that looks amazing!


LOL what’s up with that cockeyed picture. Haven’t vaped it yet, and mine is not like that LOL.


Well a lack of vape mail today due to the lazy punk ass postal worker who was too lazy to get out of the mail van and walk 20 feet to my door. Got the regular mail in the mailbox but no package containing my Wraith that was out for delivery. Got a notification saying that the package was undeliverable due to “receptacle blocked”. That’s a new one to me!


You mean I am not the only one??? Its not that we make more plans then we can carry out, it’s just that we have planned too far ahead… it will get done… That is what I tell my husband when he asks… what are you going to do with all those bottles and flavors. It will get done… is always my reply lol


Sure is
My grand baby is here 3 dad a week
He has skin issues just tuned 2


i was just messing around. sorry


I know
Figured somebody would know what it was lol