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Vape Mail 2017!


Ah first vape mail for awhile.

Got my RF order yesterday (memorial day sale) - more sf mixes for me.

An a small re up (and a couple of new) - including 8oz of Inw watermelon (original) before it goes the way of the dodo

And some nic from a friend Thank you @Norseman


I see you like the RF Strawberry Kiwi (which is one of the one’s I haven’t tried), and apparently INW’s Watermelon… but I have got to ask… what are you using the hydrochloric acid for?


Titration tests on nic :grinning:


Thanks for info mate. 🖒🖒


I never posted a pic when i got it but i got a care package from a friend down under @woftam with all kinds of dupes on RF SC and all kinds of goodies.

Thanks a bunch brother, much appreciated :thumbsup:


@woftam how did you manage to score those nice twist tops ?


Just ask in the notes section of the order for yorker twist caps :grinning:


This one is worthy of a full review. I just ain’t got time. Suffice it to say I’m vaping happy.


If you ever do have a little extra time it would be great to hear more about that one. Especially after using it for a month or so. I enjoy watching a number of reviewers on youtube but they are limited in what they can convey as they are always in a hurry to review the latest and greatest. A lot of minutia escapes them that can make a huge difference in how the product works for someone.


You tend to like those triple coil decks don’t you? I’ve not owned one yet. They always looked to be a pain to get wicking right on. Do you run to any issues on that?


This is my first 3 coil deck. Maybe you’re thinking of the TF-RTA G4 I rave about? That one will test your patience building it, and is not much easier wicking.

That’s not the case with this one. It’s so easy to build even a caveman could do it :slight_smile:

Wicking is super easy too. If you build with 2.5mm ID coils, the amount of cotton used to wick that is perfect for the amount needed to fill the juice channels. Really, super simple.


Quite fancy this actually, might have to put a request in :wink::ok_hand:🖒


Yup that was the one. Nice to hear this one is easier!


Some much needed test bottles from @juice_junkie_lover

Unexpected and awesome! Thank you very much!!!


Mission accomplished!
I’ve been searching for an RTA that gives RDA flavor for ages.
Until recently nothing even came close until I tried the Ammit, that was then topped by the Sherman, both great flavor but still not RDA flavor.
That changed yesterday when I received the Reload RTA.
I don’t why, as to look at it it’s not very different from a lot of other RTAs, but for some reason the flavor is unbelievable.
I’m using the same PT Alien coils and juice in my Apocalypse and kennedy 25 RDAs as I am in the Reload and the flavor is as good as either, just amazing.
Takes Goon/Kennedy drip tips too.
Not cheap, I paid 65 Euro’s, but worth every penny, so much so that I just ordered another one.
The Reload is without a shadow of doubt the best RTA I ever used.
Edit: I forgot to mention that it’s a post less deck, very similar to the Ammit, super easy to build and wick, not even a resemblance of a dry hit, and no leaking at all.


May be the cheapest atty you ever bought. If it produces and lasts, you got a real steal!!! Picked up a Gemini RTA the other day. Outside of the unit looks great. Went to install a coil. The negative post is loose? Did a little snooping around. Well… they attach the negative post with a Philips head screw from underneath the deck. Really? And the post screws are mounted on the side so you have to apply lateral pressure on the post? Yup. Got a refund. So many devices like that out there. Even if it had come new with a tight post, it would not have lasted. From what I have read that atty is a rock. Hope they can sell them well. I would like to pick one up someday.


half a year has passed by, i still haven’t get one that has a great using feeling, do you have some suggestions?


Nothing big , it is my first order ever from ooo , i ordered the milky undertone , and received the banana custard as a free sample…


Dude you’re the sample king lately!


i know right , it been nice , ive ordered hundreds of dollars worth of flaves and NEVER got a free sample until my last two orders which were only one bottle orders lol