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Vape Mail 2017!


I guess that’s the way to go! Just 1 bottle to get them to think wait! try more!


Too bad you got a bum one. I have 4 Geminis and I just love these darn things. I’ve had my first for almost a year and it’s still kicking. Personally, I think it has slightly better flavor than the Griffin. I hope you give it another chance someday.


I’m glad to hear they can last. I don’t really know. There are so many nice RTS’s out there. I just got a Kylin in the mail today and it really looks nice on the ml class. Hard to notice the hang over. The flavor is fantastic.


A new topper in yesterday’s mailbox


And all my pics are coming up sideways.


Uh huh…
I’ve never seen such a short head.


thank you @TheTinMan1


Lots of good stuff in the mail the last days. Here’s the bounty:

WOHOOO :smiley:


Been wanting to try DNA. This sat as the last of the item on the shelf for months. Couldn’t stand it any longer. DNA75. It’s a little weird per the menu system. Can’t turn it off even. But the more I play with it the more I like it. Great temp control. Per my senses equal to Yihi. Quite the “looker” as well.


I really like mine but the button will get stuck and sometimes will burn a coil when I’m not paying attention!


Too weird! Also very good to know, lol. The button does have a very light touch.


Shout out to @Whiterose0818 for another smoking monolith.


i was having an issue last night with my pics coming up upside down. strange


This is a pretty picture! And fits well together too :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m a little wacko that way. I’m not too fussy about most things but I perceive my vaping gear akin to a nice watch. So much of it has very nice detail. Thinking about it, there is a kinship to a fine meal as well. A well done presentation is always appetizing. And maybe there is some symbolism there in my mind too. Smoking was such a nasty, ugly, guttural habit. Vaping has some depth. A degree of finesse. I haven’t gone off the deep end of existential and magnanimous yet but I am considering it, lol.


She was blue. And shiny. She had been discounted because a newer model with a color screen was coming out. She was calling to me… Wally! Wally! There was only one thing I could do.


Had to search for this one as it is a little unusual but looking forward to having a play with it. The number of coils / decks is pretty cool with 4 different factory coils and 4 different decks.

The decks are resting on their covers so look a little weird


You have awakened my vapin’ caveman.
Please do a review if you get the chance. I am intrigued.


I’ve got one of those myself! Picked it up a couple months ago for a ridiculously low price-I’ve been eyeing that beautiful blue since they first released it, but just couldn’t justify paying the MSRP. Came across it for $40 and just HAD to have it!


Yeah, I stumbled over this one a few days ago too. Let me know what you think about it :smiley: