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Vape Mail 2017!


Hehe, vapin’ caveman for the win !!!


Fits wonderfully in my hand. Very solid feeling with a little heft to it. Nice responsive buttons and of course DNA soft/firm/hard ware. My first 26650 seemed to give me good battery life, but time will tell. I doubt this mod would be everybody’s cup of tea as one really needs to use Escribe to fully utilize the DNA. However with the use of Escribe I can get a purely amazing vape out of an atty with a decent build in it. Especially if you like TC. The TC is smooth as a baby’s bum. It strikes me as a very well made device right down to the paint job although I’m sure there will be some scratching from attys as the surface around the 510 is painted. If you do elect to use 26650’s, snag a battery keeper online or save a larger med bottle or two as most vape shops don’t carry keepers in that size.


@Walt3 I normally am not a blue guy, but I like that blue !!! I also see my Nitecore D4 will charge 26650’s. Hmmm…

Where did you find such a rare blue beauty such as that ?


Here’s a link: https://www.ecig.com/hcigar-vt75-mod.html

I put it in the cart and went to leave the cart to think about it a bit and an offer for 5% popped up. No shipping so $57.00 covered it. I’ve seen better flash sale prices but never been able to snag them in time.


Thank you Mr. Walt.


I think I have a problem. More incoming, than tested at this point. At least I can setup the bottle LOL…


Love the Kylin. Can’t wait for the Govad rta to hit the states.


for your atty scratching woos, i use them for clearance to so atty sits flush http://www.kidneypuncher.com/kp-mod-guard-5-pack-various-sizes/


OMG! Thanks!!! I looked all over the net for something like that. All I found was the heat sinks that raised the atty 13mm and made it look like the leaning tower if Pizza. I’m on it!!!


i did find similiar @ lowe’s home improvent store, specialty hardware section where nuts, bolts , screws are, but they were slightly thicker but 5 for $1.95 is a steal @ kidneypuncher and come in diff sizes.
gl bud


These are so perfect! I ordered all three sizes!!! .5mm is amazing. I’m a real fuss budget about my mods. I like to take care of them.


I am same way and have had this recent thought of a felt or similar material that would suck up the leak/condensations


That’s a great idea! I always carry two microfiber cloths. One damp. One dry.



Just in from kidney puncher! 316L 28G and 36G. Never tried 316L before… 316L Claptons here we come…


you’re gonna love em!


Oh hell. @Whiterose0818 strikes again. This time showing off the 2 most awesome individuals to ever walk planet Earth. Thank you Rob - wonderful! :heart:


Absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes:


Very nice, you have to love his laser engraving !!! Like a photograph.


Wow! I got my prize today. Now I need to figure out how to make some coils for it! Any tips?