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Vape Mail 2017!


100 15ml bottles… purchased Saturday eve and arrived today.


I wish I could get shipping like that on my flavor order!:joy:


I couldn’t tell but if your in the USA bull city flavors come pretty close. I ordered late July 4th, Tuesday and received my order Saturday. There was of course a one day delay for shipping for holiday make up…but that’s pretty darn quick to the west coast.


@CallMeTut Thank you. I think I’m going to try some 15ml snd 30ml PET from them.


Thanks to @Heaven_Gifts for my replacement VoopooDrag Resin 157w prize.
I’ll review it after i get to use it for a bit. :ok_hand:



VandyVape Kylin, flavour monstor. UD Sifu B-Tab, I went through 2 coilmasters 521 tabs, 2 Geekvape 521 Tabs, and I do believe this will hold up much better than those two. Picked up the Boxer, and the Ammit, have the Icarus, and The Hidra, and the YFTK, SVA, on the way also. WITH REPLACEMENT AND UPGRADE PARTS ENROUTE TOO LOL. i Decided to do this Squonk gig for a little bit. and do a little bit of Modding.


Like to hear your thoughts on thr kylin once you’ve got her up and running.
Nice haul by the way. :ok_hand:


How on earth…?
What? Are you running over them with the car? Lol

I’m guessing liquid down into them… But I have to ask. What happened in each case?


Had the siren up and running for a few days now, just checking back with you, and i must say it’s a nice vape. Pleasantly surprised.
A breeze to build on, although your restricted to round wire builds, but i would think you’d want higher ohms in this atty anyway. Something too low and it would be a hot vape.
It keeps up well with wicking and has good flavour. Good drip tip feel. Especially the smaller bore one.
My only gripe is it needed another hole. One smaller than the smallest on there. About half the size of the last one. Apart from that I’m glad i got it now.
Just waiting on my other Ehpro 101 mod to show up for it to sit on as it’s taking up a mod i use for another atty. :joy::joy:
Side note: i still say, for me anyway, the Kayfun v5 with the restrictor set IS the tank to beat. It’s my top mtl. :+1:


I currently have a 30x2/40 SS316L fused clapton in the Siren 22. 5 wraps @ 2.5 ID comes out to around 0.4 ohms. I like the flavor and the wicking keeps up just fine at 50 watts. I took the restrictor out so it is a less restricted lung hit but I find it too loose for MTL (with the restrictor in) and too tight for DTL.


I’m really curious as well-I’ve been looking into getting a new resistance meter as my little eLeaf is about ready to STB. I’ve looked at both the CoilMaster and GeekVape 521’s but haven’t made up my mind yet…Kind of like the looks of the Sifu B-tab


I’ve got two CoilMasters the mini and I guess the maxi. Not the new flying saucer. They both read resistance fine but they both give me problems trying to use them to dry fire. They will fire a couple of times then quit.


My full size coil master did that to me as well but sometimes the resistance would jump +/-. I ordered the mini and while waiting for it to arrive I took the other one apart and found that the insulator around the 510 pin had a tiny split. Found one that would fit in my misc. stash of parts and it’s good as new. Don’t know how you are about taking things apart, but might be worth a look.


Sounds like a good idea. It’s like it overheated or something.


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors


What… no pics of you modeling them?!! :grin:


They look better without the model


I’ll have to give the fused claptons a go then, thanks for your input. :+1:


If you built as many tanks, on them you would understand why. After a while they just let go, could be juice, I clean up after using them, just one of those things I guess.


Pattie, I like the KYLIN, great flavour, good vapor easy to build on, what more can said great tank got for a good price loving it!