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Vape Mail 2017!



New flavors to play with!


My additive care package
Thanks to @ecigexpress for all they do here!


Congrats again!

Also, would definitely appreciate your thoughts on the Erythritol and WS-23, if/when you can find the time!


Thx to @SessionDrummer advice I picked this up from local shop 20$ and they even gave me a free dual post deck!


That tank has great flavor. The only complaint that I had with it was no top fill.


Well with the toasting of my Wismec and the small fire that ensued I have a temporary place holder that I picked up to tide me over till my store credit kicks in and I get something more substantial. So here it is and yes it’s purple but for 31 bucks I’m not complaining.WIN_20170804_15_20_51_ProWIN_20170804_15_20_53_ProWIN_20170804_15_21_05_ProWIN_20170804_15_21_04_Pro


Oh yeah, it’s an IPV 400


I’ll do that, my wife is a big fan of Koolada so the WS-23 I’ll be trying in a few of her ADVs and I’ll be trying the Erythritol in some of my lemonade experiments.


Lol ya same here! Thx @louiesquared


Well these just came!

Thanks @Jayrell! I can’t wait to try them!


Holy Crap! Which Wiz Bang went up in flames?


Excuse my janky labels lol and bad handwriting lol I hope you enjoy!!


No worries, I’m not a pro, and I started with labels just like that, then I remembered I had a label maker that I use about once a year for work when I need it.


How long do I need to steep these?


I have been thinking of getting one lol just not high on the priority list of more flavors and mods lol… anyway let me know what you think! The Glow is well over 3 weeks steeped by now and the apple brulee was tasty yesterday… still will get better over time but try it out… ok I’m about to hit the highway so will be radio silent for a few hours :slightly_smiling_face:


ES 300 Exoskeleton

I had the silver one, didn’t get the tank.


@GalacticResidue Mmm, if this is your first one, let me know how you like it.

@louiesquared ^^^^ Exactly !!!


That’s a great tank. If you end up loving it, you can get the upgraded base at fasttech. No rubber air control band to worry about.


Ah thx I didn’t know about that lol! I was considering removing it all together due to the fact I like wide open air flow! If it’s all the way open the band really serves no purpose lol! I’ll look into the other base though as I am curious now!