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Vape Mail 2017!


Will do thx for the recommendation! It wasn’t even at me directly, but you talked about it a lot so I figured hmmm gotta try it out lol


The way I see it is that it’s also a great way to check the condition of your coils and wick. I recently started using this again two weeks ago and haven’t put it down.


Got this smoant battlestar mod in today. Thought it would look decent w/this goon.


Looks very good with the Goon. Very nice!


Thank u, I like how they look together too :grin: Can’t wait to build it and give it a try


That’s sexy!


thats a very nice looking set up , how do you like the battlestar


I actually haven’t even powered it up yet. I’ve got some new batteries on the way and was just gonna wait until they got here. But it does have a nice looking finish on it


ive been eye balling them but i have 3 aliens that are still running and looking like new , so ill probably wait until i find a real good sale to buy and put it away


My alien is still running as well. It’s my daily user/beater :joy::joy:. I can’t use a dripper during the day as I’m a delivery driver. But this will be for at the house only


Very Nice! That’s a great match.


The Battlestar is a pretty decent mod. Does what it supposed to do and does it well. Not upgradable, but fires fast, TCR settings as well as default temp control. After I got mine, I shelved my RX2/3 for good. If you can get one on sale, I’d recommend it.


Could this be it? Could this be the chosen one? The ADV. The goto? The traveler?


You will really like the white cake and waffle cone from fw :smile:


Yea I love my alien mods as well. I use an al85 for work and I love how the fire bars work. I’m still an alien fan as well!


How is the Waffle Cone? That one I was curious about, but didn’t pull the trigger on as their waffle flavor was not for me. I’m guessing the Waffle Cone would be more akin to a sugar cookie than actual waffle though.


I feel like I’m almost getting some popcorn notes from it. It has very little flavor that is close to fw waffle. It’s almost like it’s there but it’s part of the maple that I taste. It does have a sweet cookie crunchy aspect to it. It’s spot on waffle cone mixed at 6% solo dripped on my hadaly clone at 40 watts single coil 0.6ohms. It has steeped since 07/28/17.

Hope that’s a good enough explanation. I’m not the best with writing reviews.


Well @Gambit117 came thru with some awesome smelling juice today, I want to try them now but alas they are only a few days old, just baby’s so I will let them mature for a few weeks and see how they are then!


I’m glad they made it. They’ll definitely need some more time. Let me know what u think in a couple of weeks :grin:


I will as soon as they are ready!