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Vape Mail 2017!


Thought I would venture into the PWM Mod world so I ordered this DOVPO M VV, along with an OBS tank that was on sale. The royal Hunter on top of the Mod is not new. This is my test run while I save for a WhiteRose


I’m going to steal them before you can try them. :smiling_imp:


Mmmm, Sugar High, hehehe, that sounds interesting !!!




Yup tastes like a maple syrup to me! They must’ve thought you take a real waffle drenched in maple and rolled it into a cone lol


What happened to it?


Lol. Way to go. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:



:point_right: @SessionDrummer
You just got “double Molly’d”!!! :laughing:


New things in to try (except for the INW Watermelon and CAP Sugar Cookie),


You get a strong waffle taste from it? Really wow. I thought it was kind of light vaping it especially compared to fw waffle.


Lol no waffle flavor really more of a maple syrup only! Just was making a joke! I really only get this maple/ molasses kinda note from it! I can see it going into a pancake or waffle recipe for sure!


And finally, after totally loosing out on the raffle, I get to try the fabled INW MC Old Formulation. What happened to my Sweet Cream tester I wonder …


nothing they sent me papaya and it was the same amount


wtf 30ml bottles ooooo im mad , i bought from them in june and they only had 10 10ml bittles left and No 30ML , makes you wonder doesnt it ???


Didn’t you get yours from Vapor Eyes?


Hmmmm, yes it DOES make one wonder doesn’t it ???

I can’t remember who exactly it was that tipped me off they had a dwindling supply of the original version (sorry guys/gals I got too many friend here hehe), so I grabbed two of them, and the shipping from AU wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a deal killer.


I’m holding it up, side by side with my OTHER INW MC and the colors look about the same. Smelling them, there CLEARLY is something different, although I can’t nail it down just my smell, and I’ve got to mix up a tester of the new (old) stuff and see what it is.


no juice factory , they claim to have some here in the states at vapertek, i have to double check on that name but im think of grabbing a couple from them as well , i have 4 10ml bottles left i bought 6 , those 4 will last awhile im not much of a chocolate guy , but i had to get some b4 i couldnt anymore


is you other the old formula as well ??