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Vape Mail 2018


New stuff today!

NEW STUFF 1-19-18

The new Bravo tank on the blue Revenger mod.


That mod was so much fun last night!


Oh man, I was debating on showing that mod…it’s gonna start trouble again! See? I told you it gives a close shave. Oh and you left your box of rubber gloves here.


I told you you could keep the elbow length ones. Since you enjoyed them so much!


So I gat a care package from @Pro_Vapes! Very excited to try these out!


That’s a mighty big box you got there @Cutlass92.


I know right! When I mentioned half jokingly that I would be more than happy to take them, he literally said you want them? You got em. I’m very thankful for his generosity!


+1 on that… @Pro_Vapes must really like @Molly_Mcghee * g *


But doesn’t everyone??? :grin::innocent:


Thanks! Love you to @CallMeTut!


Awesome. Nice collection.


I still think we need the mods to allow a thumbs down icon… probably not a good thing, I’d get the most lol…
I love you too @Cutlass92 it’s just that @Molly_Mcghee is a better kisser… now don’t start asking questions ya don’t want answers too… :rofl:




Dude I know she is! Kissing me is like kissing a hound dog with a drooling problem! You see I have a drooling problem.




Yep that’s about right!


It can be done you just have to be tricky


I need to apologize, I shouldn’t of moved this thread off into the netherworld… nice vape mail @Cutlass92 (and sorry about what you have to deal with @Molly_Mcghee) …


I have to stop looking at that. It’s making me gag.


It’s all good bro and I needed that!